Fill-able 4-Point Inspection Form

Hello Inspectors!

InterNACHI is pleased to announce that the 4-Point Inspection form is now a fill-able PDF. You can download the PDF form directly from the 4-Point Certification page
or here:
4 Point Form Fill-able.pdf (198.5 KB)

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Thank you!

No additional pages with photo slots.


We are not going to go through this discussion again. I only add filled spaces to forms found directly on the state’s pages. We do not add additional pages to any state document.

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Alan, the form requires additional pages for the photos so why not build that into it so it’s a complete product. It’ll make your product more marketable.

The form is not a product of InterNACHI, that is why. The state has sole proprietary ownership of the form. I have just made what they have available as a fill-able pdf. If they included portions of their PDF with pages for pictures, I would have edited those to fit as well, but as it stands they do not.

Adding additional pages isn’t modifying a ‘state form’… it’s making it functional and a one stop choice. By virtue of your statement, we’re modifying a state form every time we add photo pages to our reports… send the popo to get me! I’ll take the heat for every other inspector in Florida.

I just really don’t understand why you wasted your time to do this if you were not going to make it a useable product. Obviously the state does not have sole proprietary ownership of the form. Every program that we have to buy in order to produce this report adds photo pages to their fillable forms. So that pretty much blows that out of the water as an excuse. What they are asking for is very reasonable especially since the state form asks for these photo’s.

What would the additional pages be? Just blank sheets for you to add photos?

Nick in order to help out those who will use this form they would need a picture page probably broken up into 6 to 8 boxes which link to your photo’s when you click in the box and all built into the pdf. Otherwise there are about 8 more steps you have to do to attach photo’s to your report. This is all they are asking for. A cover page added in the front wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Currently anyone who does these inspections has to purchase a program to do them without the huge hassle of making their own report. So this would be a huge help and a money saver if it was provided here. Yes you can make your own but no not many know how to do that.

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Is there a way to remove the sample wording at the base of each page?
Thanks in advance!

It’s been removed

In the HVAC section, need to be able to select both Central AC and Central Heat. Current version only allows one to be checked - thanks.

That 4 point is a Citizens form. I don’t do them. I use the Tower Hill form.Master 4Point.pdf (228.9 KB)

Edited to allow both

Thank you!