American Integrity 4 Point

Does anyone have an AI 4 Point form - just plain old pdf or computer fillable?

I didn’t know they had there own form.
Just use a Citizens or Tower Hill form

I use one form for all my 4 point inspections, the one I set up on Homegauge. The only one I use a different form on is State Farm and I only do those if it is for one of my home inspection customers. If I know the report is going to Tower Hill, I will add in a couple of photos under the sinks. Other than that, I normally only have 2 photos in each section. I have never had a 4 point rejected because I did not use a certain form.

Use your own form then when you can up sell to a citizens one. works really well for me and many times I can get $150 for the cit one because I tell them all companies will accept it and so far I am absolutely correct :slight_smile:

All my 4-P are $150 unless it is done when I do a full inspect then it is an added $50.

I did find one. I am doing this 4 Point on behalf of another inspector who requested the form be used. My plan when I’m finally on my own is to use the Nachi form but to take out some items that appear on no other forms to just trim it down a tad.


Why not. It a simple one page form

The Nachi one?

The one I remember had a ton of stuff no insurance company has ever asked me for.

I have not looked at it some time and will not because I have no reason to use it.

I didn’t like it either.
I use one that I adapted from Tower Hill.
…See attachment.

Good grief Roy, What the hell is “Licensed by” FDPR?

That’s near Mayberry, right:D

Florida Dept of Professional Regulation

The hold name wouldn’t fit so! I put that in there…

Well at least get the acronym correct…DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) . Just leave out the word Florida and put in the correct word, Business.

That will work ! Thanks

It’s FDBPR :cool:

Are you guys happy now! LOL !

You won’t ever see it that way on anything official. But you may see “Florida DBPR”.

Bruce !
When are you gonna buy me lunch at the Roadhouse or Cafe Risque?:shock:

You could put DAPBR and no one would likely notice… Well except some home inspector:D
DAPBR = Drink Another Pabst Blue Ribbon :mrgreen: