Basement sump pump video

Don’t know if they just bought it, did not listen to entire vid BUTT…

1:45 there is at least 1 exterior crack in basement wall, uh huh.

So at least some of that efflorescence on the inside of wall is due to that crack. Appears to be some above grade openings as well and so ummm duh, they ALL need to be repaired/waterproofed correctly if ya wanna STOP the water from where its really getting in and help stop further efflorescence.

Sure looks like an inside system was previously installed along that back wall. And again, it did not stop the water from entering the stoooopid exterior crack. Hence, the exterior crack, an existing defect, AND most likely WHY and where most-maybe all of the water was/is entering, was not fixed,is still open.

Wasn’t fixed prolly due the same old shtt which is either/both, inside system company bullshtt’d previous owner or they’re incompetent sob’s who don’t know what to look for, don’t know why-where water often FIRST enters duh blocks, don’t give a shtt.

Don’t need to be in this basement,or most others (not all eh) to see, to tell, to know, just in case some are wondering how the fc can Bubba know.

S U sayin nobody gonna luv de waterfall or de sound of of grind and bump from de chek valv slammin and rockin and rollin.

Sum may need the air water for the skin.

Bubba whant them to fix from outside de hut and and liv wit dry skin or sumting ?

BubbaMilk says/knows to fix outside duh hut WHEN the problem(s) are outside Maryann’s hut…got milk? Ginger seems like an interior witch ta Bubb’s.

Bubba gonna put sump people outa work.

Bubba need help puttin sump scammers outta biz, they’ve ripped off mo money from homeowners than Warren Buffffffer has.

Maybe scam people can git new Job with shovel and start digging outside where the water is.
Then everybody luv them again.

Water proof is like glove for the foundation.
No gluv no luv.

See here, sumpie no–workie fer Maryann and Ging-jugs #-o