Interior basement waterproofing, basement has NOT been waterproofed

10:35 conclusion, ‘it looks decent, not convinced there won’t be more mildew (mold dude) growing behind new paneling, aka bright wall paneling’ #-o

11:30 homeowner says lolol, ‘if they were to do it again they would price exterior waterproofing’, umm a little late for that thought eh. ](*,)
Apparently they spent $6,000 on this GARBAGE.

12:05 homeowner, ‘if you/we were to remove the bright wall paneling they would lose the SUPPOSED warranty.’ #-o#-o#-o#-o#-o

Say that again :mrgreen:, you, DUH homeowner, LOSE your friggin stinky az piece of garbage supposed litetime warranty if you remove that dumb azz bright wall paneling!!!
Not that its worth much if anything.

So just another homeowner who allowed an interior basement system salesman/owner/whoever into an a PIECE of chtt basement system that will NOT stop further water from where its actually entering and, will NOT stop further mold etc on the interior basement walls.

The bright wall paneling garbage CONCEALS the existing condition of the basement walls, hides duh water, mold and actual condition of foundation walls…incompetent, negligent bulllllllchtt as usual! ](,)](,)](*,)

That $6,000 should have, could have been spent on what is actually needed, duh ummm, EXTERIOR waterproofing!


Duhhhh, guess what Bubba has seen when he has REMOVED that dumb azz paneling?
( he doesn’t mean crap like naked pic’s of your granny!)

I have a good one for you Mr. B.

Inferior system today, I have some great photos.

I enjoyed speaking to you the other day.

Crawl is all wet, EZ breathe BS, full wall panel BS.

Inferior I say!!

Stains on panels, loose panels, rusted fasteners, microbial growth, water stains.

Not good on a brick clay foundation.

Here are a few picks.

Looks like no vapor barrier at the portion they dug out John!!

But Angie recommends these BS systems.

How about fixing the freaking exterior source of infiltration!!

261714 068 (Small).JPG

261714 072 (Small).JPG

261714 106 (Small).JPG

261714 087 (Small).JPG

261714 081 (Small).JPG

Here are some more pictures.

I am doing good JB?

My client thinks the home will not leak, the inferior system has a lifetime warranty. BS I say.

Fix the exterior!!

The never address the crawl spaces!!

Dumb BS systems.

They must figure I will not look in crawl, this access was obstructed, but I git some good pics.

261714 108 (Small).JPG

261714 020 (Small).JPG

261714 112 (Small).JPG

lololoooooooool Dave, good stuff sir :wink:

Yep, same incompetent, negligent interior basement drainage system JUNK

Amazing…these interior system companies pump themselves all day long about SUPPOSEDLY how HONEST they are, how supposedly thorough and experienced they are, its BULLLLSHTTT people!!!

Can’t they see??? I mean loLOlollllllllllllll your getting lied to, ripped off people!

Thank you Mr Dave and whenever you GIT more photos of these negligent installation of these interior basement systems and you have time, please post, TY sir.

Dave, yes sir, wonderful stuff!! lolol

Pic 2…did they also install a COFFIN? Maybe it comes wiff system fer free!! :mrgreen:


B Dry TRIED bs’ing this homeowner, just like others.

They did NOT want to, did not care to remove/cut any of the drywall off IN G DANG ORDER TO…determine/identify what the actual problems were!

When they don’t bother to do this then…LOOKIE what sometimes is occurring BEHIND the stupid DRYWALL!!!

See? lol

What’s this?

And this?

Anyone bother to look at photos?
Some WEAKLY try n tell Bubbamilk 90% of all homeowners with leaky basements ONLY need to regrade, lolooooooool, eh, that IS a whole bunch of incompetent—bulshht peeps.
Some try and tell my azz and tell homeowners that exterior waterproofing costs MORE when, often it costs LESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Stop with the incompetent LIES man!

See what would have happened? Duuuh, a waste of money IF the homeowner would have hired B Dry or any other interior system company!

Your getting ripped off people and some of us have been trying to show, help you g dammmmmittt. Get no love in this shttt, maybe I just should haver joined all these rip off companies and installed all interior basement systems and not worry about complains, lawsuits or further problems for homeowners

Here’s what was needed to STOP the water from entering and stop the dang MOLD!!! U doing the friggin job, for several hundred dollar LESS!!!

Dave, you GET it, this lawyer somewhat gets it…
‘Red Flags for Mold’
…Home inspectors aren’t mold inspectors but they should be alert (like Dave, some others here at Nachi which folks IS who you want inspecting your house), to situations that can create mold.

…PAGE 2… Basement repair contractors, when they are replacing INTERIOR DRAIN TILE, drill holes in bottom course of blocks…
they put a plastic shield between the floor and the wall…this situation can create a problem…can create a potential breeding ground for mold

Do the home inspectors who RECOMMEND 1 or more of these interior basement system companies tell homeowners anything like this? lololl Nope!

Nice pics there Dave.

John, I watched that video and what a joke that was.

All that money to hide the problem. Problem still not fixed, but does look white.:mrgreen::wink:

Friggin rip off I call it.

Mr Marcel, how ya doing man? :wink:

Yes sir, DUH bright wall I guess ‘brightens’ it up some huh, lol

Incompetent, negligent basement drainage junk!

Just another homeowner who got lied to, ripped off, whatever.

Ya know, some are waaaaaaaaay more intelligent than the Milkman’s azz but jesus people, on this subject where are your heads???
Why let these interior system companies PLAY YOU like that!!!

Dave and some of you good HI’s are on the case, love it, TY!

Problem I see is for the client finding someone like you to make it right.
What are your thoughts on the EZ breathe systems? I think this system brings the moisture from the poor condition crawl into the basement.

Marcel, how you doing my friend? We are in for another storm 6-12 inches. I like snow, bring it on!!

…another part of the problem is allowing these interior system companies to BS America, cuz that’s exactly what they do. Need to OUST 'em.
HI’s etc need to help educate them, steer them away from all the stinky turds in duh toilet.
If they’d stop hiring the fruitcake interior co’s then there would obviously be a demand for honest, experienced exterior waterproofing contractors.

EZ Breathe in duh MOLD? Its just another ploy, more incompetent CRAP from some inside co’s…imo, just my lil stinky 2 cents, the BBB sukkks. in bed with quite a few of these inside system companies, yep. At least HERE/link, they do show 13 complaints within last 3 years and umm, there’s many more than that, duhhhhh I guarantee ya’s :mrgreen:. Oh, and the ‘closed complaints’ is just MORE bs, oh yes it is, least on this subject
Macedonia Ohio :wink:
Bubba’s opinion is something like this/EZ junk, won’t even help ya in duh bathroom when yer pinching a loaf

One of the interior system companies who sells EZ breathe has at least 31 customer complaints in the last 36 months. duh go figure.
Ohio State Waterproofing aka Ohio Home Services.
Just another PLOY to get some homeowners to call them for an estimate.
Steve/Integrity likely knows about these turds.

You ever hear of Gary Sullivan? (google his site)

He has a radio show and he recommends the EZ breathe. It pisses me off as they (EZ breathe) pay him to promote this garbage.

He also recommends the gutter brush (more garbage)

Thanks for the BBB link, good stuff.

Had a vendor down my street selling that Product and it did not last more than a year or so. :slight_smile:

You can google Ohio State Home Services/Better Business bureau if ya care to see/read some of those customer compalints :wink:

I’ve triiiiiied numerous times informing Gary Sullivan on his incompetent, PAID bs remarks and pumping of Everdry. He could care less. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Have watched EVERY basement waterproofing video Sullivan has pumpin Everdry, all crap.

I’ve sent him many photos, many links from others such as Fairfax County etc. Have tried just calling his az to speak with him, quite obvious he wants nothing ta do with the MILKMAN :mrgreen:

In writing his az, have mentioned how he is HELPING screw over homeowners in Ohio (at least)…yep.

Steve/Integrity waterprf’g I believe is TIRED of Sullivans crap as well

Glen Haege does the SAME crap here in Michigan. Haege hates me and I HATE Haege
He’s an arrogant turd, thinks he knows all about everything

There are a few more home improvement radio show HOSTS here in MI and elsewhere who want and take kickbacks from these interior basement system co’s, Bubba knows for fact, yes indeedy.

We even have at LEAST a handful (likely more) of CITY inspectors who take kickbacks for recommending certain inside system companies to unknowing homeowners who have leaky basements

They don’t want duh Milkman on–the–air because…
Bubba will NOT pay them one dam red cent, nope, no way, never

Shtt, I called radio station 97.1 duh-TICKET, who PUMPS (and gets PAID!!!) for pushing Foundation SYSTEMS of Michigan on listeners, try and inform them, their producers etc, and they laugh!

Called MI attorney general last week, got nowhere with them either.

One of my last hopes as far as radio show hm imp hosts goes is Murray Gula, we’ll see

Tim Carter aka Ask DUH builder, was on the radio, he took my call early 1 Sat morning in Ohio…lol. He let me talk for about 30 seconds and then TURNED it around and told duh listeners they all need to play with the grade and then quickly hung up on Bubba, loool

Then about 2 weeks later, I saw his ph number somewhere and called his az. Got an answering machine, with that little time i tried educating his az as best i could, turned out to be his home number, loooooooooooooooool, fc um

Mr. Dave,

Here’s 1 of the videos of Sullivan and Everdry waterproofing :wink:

If video doesn’t play then where it says ‘homeworx remodeling’ scroll down to video-title n click…‘transforming a leaky basement’

The supposed-homeowner, pftt, likely was paid or is friend of Sullivan or Everdry.

Again, like most basements with block walls, the problems and the solution are on the outside…there ARE multiple exterior cracks, cracked parging etc, that IS where duh water is FIRST ENTERING which ummm duhh causes a lot of the mold, efflorescence.

‘Charley’ talking about COVE SEEPAGE…say again, MOST of this cover seepage is DUE TO, is because there are exterior cracks etc, that’s where the water gets into the hollow block wall. THEN the water falls through the LOWER BLOCKS where it eventually comes out onto basement floor at–along bottom of wall/floor aka cover.

EZ Breathe bulshtt.

2:10 gonna install their ‘multi step system’ which here in Michigan, costs $17,000 ish. And its NOT about drainage…its about finding-locating how/where the water FIRST gets in and then fixing that problem(s) correctly.

2:25 improvement my azz. You can get a 10 yr old to slap shtt on the interior walls like that.

3:35 they open up an ‘inspection trench’, 2-3’ deep…lololol.
Duh footing n bottom of basement wall is 6’ deep. Their little inspection trench isn’t deep enough to LOCATE and waterproof any horizontal cracks down low nor any possible deteriorating blocks, joints.

And when the dumb az basement wall is bowing in you need to remove the soil against the wall, pretty often it is clay, expansive soil. Sometimes there are underground roots, porch footings that also cause problems, cracks etc, sometimes concrete slabs etc. They don’t dig it ALL out. Which is why THEY want to install an interior system with the little bulshtt they do outside

4:30 ‘every crack has been sealed’…fc no they have not.
If they didn’t dig it all out, all the wat down then NO way they sealed every crack. Sealing, mortoring the INSIDE cracks doesn’t do SQQQQUAT!
Just more MISLEADING crap.
Their shallow inspection trenches will not find ANY cracks like this…

Everdry, all the same type of CRRRRAP.
–STATE wants to shut down waterproofing businesses

How about these 2 families, more Everdry crrrrap

Homeowners SUES basement waterproofing company, awarded $50,000

Yep, another interior basement system company.
…AquaGuard’s general manager stated under oath, their form/contract was MISLEADING.
General manager also said his basement waterproofing sales force goes out every week and LIES to homeowners.

Is there any advise on who to contact in the North Lima Ohio 44452 area who can do quality work to resolve foundation water issues?

You can try this contractor, not sure if he goes to your area but he maybe able to advise.

May I ask, what kind of problems do you have, see?

Whoever you call… be C A R E F U L!!!
Ohio, like Michigan has many scumbag, lying interior knotheads.

Whoever comes over SHOULD first, take the time to find, locate, determine the actual problem(s) and NOT just give you/others the SAME OLD BS story that most contractors in this business sell/spin which is, everybody and their MOMMY needs an interior system, nonsense.

You can call my old butt if you wish, here to help.

Some things to consider.
Both systems have been very successful, but you MUST ensure you obtain a good contractor who can show past work + evidence of customer satisfaction.
Advantages of Interior Waterproofing:

Avoids disruption on exterior: Exterior waterproofing requires removal of landscaping and paved surfaces & decks etc. that are within 3 feet of the foundation

Captures floor and wall seepage without the need to completely remove finished walls to rid your basement of leakage

More economical: This system is less labor intensive, resulting in lower costs

Relieves hydrostatic pressure: Because a continuous piping system runs along the inside of your footing, water pressure from beneath the floor or outside of your foundation is relieved and water is routed to a discharge pump

Not weather permitting: The installation can be performed all year round even when the ground outside is frozen

Protected from outside issues: Interior systems are not subject to the elements, soil conditions or tree roots growing into the drainage system

Advantages of Exterior Waterproofing:

**Little disruption to basement interior: Most of the work is performed on the exterior so if you cannot give up your internal space this option is for you.

Little or no preparation required on your behalf: The exception being landscaping or anything else you want moved.

Helps drain soil: Our exterior waterproofing system includes new weeping tile with silt sock that will drain the saturated earth next to your house and relieve lateral water pressure against the foundation – excellent choice if you have a cinder block foundation

Exterior sealant: Full excavation allows for application of exterior rubber membrane & Delta MS foundation wrap (especially helpful for cinder block foundations)

Disadvantages of Exterior Waterproofing:

**Exterior work is more labor intensive than interior installation, especially for full depth basements

Any landscaping, pavement or large fixtures like decks or concrete steps close to the house generally need to be removed and replaced

Exterior waterproofing cannot be installed where there are home additions, attached garages and other buildings that are too close
An exterior system does not drain water from beneath the basement floor unless there is an existing sump pit properly installed

Exterior construction projects can last 2 to 3 times longer than an interior installation

Disadvantages of Interior Waterproofing:

**Bottom 2 feet of foundation at the floor must be exposed – requires removal of drywall, studs, insulation, flooring etc.
Stored items, built in shelving or cabinets may need to be moved away from the exterior walls.

Basement cannot be used at the time of system installation
Brick or stone foundations: Without installation of exterior sealant, water may continue to leach through some masonry foundations…=1416163280999