50 Great Jobs for Retiree

Training reference in article is Training

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Hi Richard, Not sure if you can help with this. I have been in Construction for about 50 years. Many different types.Spent last 20 years as Superintendent on building and remodeling apartment complexes and housing developments. I am now semi retired.Have taken all courses needed,60 hours + to take state test. I am only interested in part time work.Do not intend to start a new career. I,m 80 years old. Can still work without any problems. Been blessed that way.Do you have any advice on best way to proceed? Thanks Richard Rogers

I’m not sure what you mean by “best way to proceed.”
My guess is that you would need to proceed the same way as you would if it were a new career - just not full time.
Where will you be inspecting? Which State?

This is where this info came from - https://blog.cheapism.com/great-jobs-for-retirees-16341/#slide=2

I live in Mississippi,on the Gulf coast. Thought maybe there is Inspector in this area who could use help.Guess I that might be best way to proceed.Thanks for your input. Still have company,s that want me to do supervisory work,but just do not want to be that busy, Thank s again.