I Am Looking For A New Job.

Hello to all:

I am a Florida Licensed General Contractor and a Florida Licensed home Inspector.

I have run a construction company for 25+ Years working for most of the Major Home Builders in South Florida.

In the good ole days I ran up to 100+ employees and did every part of running my biz.

I am seeking a Full Time Job with Benefits

I am located in South East Florida and not willing to relocate as my Daughter is in a great school here and I love my neighborhood.

I do not want to be an inspector for anyones company.

I am looking for a Management type full time Mon-Fri job that I can do for the next 20+ years.

I have great computer and people management skills and there is nothing I cannot do or learn to do very quickly.

I do not smoke or do drugs and am willing to be tested for both.

I am extremely reliable and always do what I say and show up when i say I will. I have reliable transportation.

If you have anything or know anyone in the South East Florida are who could use a great full time employee and is willing to pay a wage with benefits that a family can live off of please let me know or pass my information on to them. I do not care what type of industry it is as I do not feel it matters. I have a lifetime of running a business skills and can handle anything that is available. Thanks in advance for any help.

Figures I messed up the title of the post :frowning:

Just my luck.

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Thanks Michael I did not know you could do that.

Yeah, should have been " i be lookin’ " :stuck_out_tongue:

I be lookin hard fersure :slight_smile:

This would be a classic reason to work on your company not in your company.

You should always be trying to work on your company.
This would allow you to step away from your company and it would still run without you being present every day.
Delegation and hiring for the key positions to keep your company operating are vital.

When you only work in your company the minute you decide to stop the company stops as well.

Best of luck to you Mike

I am tired of being self employed.

I have 2 insurance inspections booked for next week and I cannot even walk with out pain :frowning: I get to climb attics like this.

I want out NOW. Time to join Corporate America.

Join the Government then retire. Your only job would be to collect your

paycheck, and deposit in your bank… electronically. :wink:

I would jump on a government job quicker than quick.

When I was a young man all those well off were self employed.

Now that I am an old guy 43 all those well off work for the Gov :frowning:

If only I had that time machine.

I had a great 20+ year run and lived life great. Now times are tough :frowning:

Good luck on job hunt, 43 wow thats young !

You ain’t old yet!
You are still plenty young to find a job.

Good luck!

Will see. To old for every aspect of civil service I have looked into so far :frowning:

I I could have seen the future I would have joined the Military, City or State Civil Service right after high school then I would be on easy street like many i know.

I must say I did have fun :slight_smile: and that is worth something. At least I’ve got memories.

Mike, come join me in ship building.
Union and you can walk around all day long, work a couple of hours aday, get great benifets, Medical, 401 K and take it easy. LOL

After 40 years plus busting my butt in Construction, I call it a retirement and welfare farm. ;):mrgreen:

I would if I were single but due to my Wife and Daughter I am chained to South East Florida.

Their happiness comes first :slight_smile:

Well good luck, but if you change your mind, you could look up Ingall’s ship building in Mi. ;):slight_smile:

Thanks the offer is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Home Inspecton is one of the least physically demanding tradsey type jobs there is.
You messed up for life or just pulling a Derik Rose ?

New home construction is on the rise. Didn’t you build homes?