65 inspectors joined InterNACHI this first week of December.

Pretty good for December. http://www.nachi.org/memberstats.htm

10 more today!

I hope they don’t live near me. I have enough competition!

I second that. I’m assuming they are veteran inspectors, it would be hard to believe that many newbies would spend as much time and money as it takes to get into the business in this market.

We’re safe. Remember NACHI needs about 200 new and or renewing members each week to maintain the 10,000 member base. If you look at last years numbers and or last month and so far this month, we’re running at about 4500 members total.

I would think all association membership numbers have been dropping. I know they have been with regard to mortgage, realtors and or pest control business segments.

Judging by the number of inspectors with active telephone numbers and web sites on the inspectorseek, etc. databases…my estimation is that NACHI has between 2000 and 2500 active members. As we did when we had 8,000 members with 800 frequenting the message board…it is still a 10% message board participation of around 200 members.

I feel better now Will. :slight_smile:

This page auto updates with each renewal: www.nachi.org/nachi-stats.htm I think we are the only association that actually lists every member’s name and information for all to count if they like: http://www.nachi.org/memberlist.htm

We had a high of 10,015 N. American members about 2 years ago and a low of just under 5,000 this time last year. We are at almost 6,100 today.

Not bad :wink: , considering the environment.

We’re pretty lucky. Our value ratio is very high: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm compared to other things inspectors cut-back on during slow times.

Membership in InterNACHI is about the last thing an inspector dumps before going out of business.

If a person only reads the MB, it’s understandable!
If one only reads the MB 3x a week, I’m willing to bet that they save / earn / learn their annual membership every month, at least.

A few days ago, it was worth $289 for me to learn about another printing company that’s cheaper than what I’ve been using for years.

It’s worth $289 to get case discounts on a Manual For A Happy Home.

It’s worth $289 to save $1k on E&O.

I actually am amazed at the # of members who do not spend hours each week on this MB. It’s been my ritual for 5 of my 5.5 NACHI years.

But, then again, I don’t get TV reception . . .

Tell me about it…

Actually I expect several to close up soon if not already but many more will get into the business since regular jobs are hard to find.

I wonder how many will take the time to do full, correct, state SOP inspections?

I remember the days of 4-5 hours on site and another 4-5 hours on the report very well. Not many inspectors can turn out a proper inspection and report in less time than that until they have done at least 50 or 100.

I can do most in half that time now, not counting today though, very old 1300sf house with lots of usual and unusual problems, 4 hours on site and 3+ hours on the report…

Joe, we should open up a training program for inspectors, I know what kind of inspecting and reports you turn out too and its hard to find inspectors who can or will do that, including the ones with 20+ years exp.

I traveled today, quite a distance (large city) for an agent that can’t get a quality inspection in that town… One of those rare agents that really cares about the client :smiley: