N. American membership in InterNACHI approaches 12,000 inspectors!


Wow, almost 2000 in Florida. How do they survive?

It’s not a bad place to be an inspector: Lots of real estate transactions, no winters, snowbirds from your country coming in and out, mostly 1-story homes, few fossil fuel fired heating systems, roofs bake off in about 7 years, storms, insurance inspections, huge state.

Yeah, I like the no winter part.

I like the heat pump part. No oil-fired, two pipe, reverse loop boilers.

Yeah, I like the no winter part…

This time of the year I’d really, really like the no winter part.

The snow today makes me feel the same way Dan. The wind didn’t help much either!!

The wind here today was pure ice…

With every other inspection association losing membership, InterNACHI is now larger than all other inspection associations combined.

Give em everything but the kitchen sink and they will come…

Note to self: Find a deal on kitchen sinks for InterNACHI members.

LOL I’m not surprised.

Where are the naysayers now?

InterNACHI’s benefits page , certifications and free educational offerings are too long to read in one sitting. Not to mention free logos, business and marketing info. Plus, inspector conventions, events and chapter meetings held all over north America. This list just goes on and on.

Amazing package.

Yep. We need another due increase on new members who join (we never raise dues on existing members ever).

And worldwide, our growth is even stronger. We now have operations in 65 countries. As far as I can tell, we’re the first trade association (in any profession, not just inspections) in human history that wrapped around the planet.

That is quite an achievement! I am proud of you as a person and I wish you many, many years of continued success:nachi::nachi:

Warmest Regards, Frank Carrio CMI

We get new InterNACHI members who take our IR webinar class every month that are in various parts of Africa, Europe, Mexico, Philippines, etc… It is amazing to see all the places they are joining from.

I love Florida & my inspection firm. :smiley:
12,000 - simply amazing!