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Is this correct? If so this must be an all time low.

No, our forum server went down for a minute, which kicks everyone off.

That explains why I had a difficult time logging on. Thanks Nick.

Nick / Chris…

The New Posts button above, hasn’t worked since.


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It must have just gone down again!

It did.

Strangely, Inspection News BB has been down today as well…a denial of service attack or something similar? I agree, the New Posts and Todays Posts have not worked since the board came back up.

What you don’t think we both rock this forum?


We actually had to reset our server for another reason. Some features are temporarily disabled.

It was just you and me Pal!!!:smiley:

But The CMI Forum is running Fine. When are you going to stop over there Nick. Your Invited! :smiley:

I think it’s a Communist plot…no, wait…the Cold War is over…it’s terrorist thing.

If they can destroy NACHI through its MB, then who’s gonna inspect them houses? Then everyone is upset with their new home because things are happening that they didn’t know about and they blame the government and vote everyone out of office and we don’t have any one in charge and Chavez nationalizes the US and takes control and he outlaws Major League Baseball and we stop be bored and live happily ever after…

Actually, communist countries (I should know) have used baseball to calm the masses into a sort of 1/2 asleep boredom so that they don’t complain about the government. Maybe the ESOP committee could use NACHI TV to broadcast baseball everytime they have a tough decision to make.

Sounds like you been listening to Jimmy Breazeale again Jae.


“Developing” Nations do the same today with soccer.

Exactly. Another boring sport.


You have to admit that the World Cup final is “Exciting”. Especially if you have money on the game. I do agree with you that overall Soccer is boring to watch.