Hey Nick

Why can we only get 30 Members on the Message Board out of how many Thousands again?

And how do we get to have more than 11 Members vote oon a Poll for Best Defect Award that you are willing to provide an Award for?

I need some help here.:slight_smile:

Unfortunately Marcel NACHI has a lot who are fed up with the constant badgering ridiculing and just a bad attitude .
I talked to a long time member from the USA for 25 minutes last night who no longer even comes to the Forum because of all the stupid attacks .
We need a method of helping those who cannot control themselves .
We need this forum to stop the continuing ridiculing .
A disagreement is fine but the none stop trashing is useless .

Very unforunate for all, Roy.

Maybe Nick can chime in and explain what is going on.

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Agree. I just checked the stats and it says there are 60 users on-line right now, and 311 in the past 24 hours. Looks like lots of people are reading, but not a lot posting.:frowning:

Good advice, Nathan. We could all benefit from that direction. :slight_smile:

I also agree, loads of people use the board by reading, like a living FAQ. I do understand why some dont post. I’d like to see more participation, but it cant be forced. The more voices here, the better information we all can share.

For me personally, if I were to get attacked i simply dont care. i’ve had heated threads but not attacks per se. I consider some of the items that got warm simply multiple guys who are passionate about what they do, just do it diferent.

Over 33,000 registered users of this message board. That’s users who actually registered. The number of visiting viewers is over a million.

I scan through most of the new posts every day…and I find the percent of them that I could classify as “badgering, ridiculing, or personal attacks” to be far less than 1%.

P.S. We’re coming up on our 1 millionth post!

Since giving birth maybe. Put up the average daily numbers ;).

Personally for me, I read every day to see what others are saying.

I post once in awhile.

I have not been attached but it seems many posts drift from the original topic and question. Many post turn into a pissing match between a few inspectors.

Nick & Ben have always been more than fair to me. Actually I have the highest respect and admiration for both.

I have lots I could post about.

Just recently had a new build 2012 with water infiltration from cultured stone. My client has the proper documents to present to the builder. (11 month warranty)

I have lots of inspection scenarios that some may find interesting.

This has been a really busy year for many around here including myself.

Many inspectors that post are braggarts and have very large egos.

So i feel many do not post as the braggarts and bashers will belittle them.

So for me I will keep reading.

** **So Nick say’s 1,000,000 posts and 1% = 100, 000 is an except able amount for the bullies .
I guess NICK has not seen Bulling is no longer acceptable in the world.
The schools are now teaching , enforcing and stopping this from continuing.
For the one % to me is not an acceptable to see how they continue to destroy many strings.
I think this would improve our message board immensely if it was controlled.
We see every day in the news about how Bullies act.

Thanks David it is unfortunate we lose this information you could pass on .
Another example is I have had a large solar electrical installation and I stopped posting more info on it from the many attacks from one person .
This is not the only string I have given up on passing on my experiences.
Fire sprinklers in the home are another I have much information I no longer share.
I expect many others also tend to not pass on their thoughts and info.
Sad to see a some get attacked for asking a simple question .

Actually, .01 x 1,000,000= 10,000

The squabbling is more prevalent in some threads than others. Compare the “Not for Everyone” forum to the “Inspecting Structures forum”. Childish bickering is best ignored, although occasionally it’s hard to resist commenting.

It reminds me of the arguments that I used to see written on the inside walls of the port-a-pottys on construction jobs.

Do you think any number is acceptable in today’s world??

I most certainly disagree.

I’d rather deal with unpleasantness than moderation/censorship.

Me too.

I agree, I would rather have folke not afraid to post, and put things out there honestly, than worry if what they say is “kosher”. I have a filter.

There must be a happy medium out there. I don’t think total censorship is the answer but when a thread goes sideways because of a few that dislike each other the thread should get pulled. Some one asks a question and there may be an argument about the solution and that is great. But when it goes from a topic dissagreement to name calling and bringing in the past it should be stopped. That is why people don’t post things here. I have stopped half way through writing a new thread because of it.

For those who are “afraid” to post----Get some skin.