Moving to the new, hot, fast message board tomorrow. This board down for 1 day.

The InterNACHI message board will be unavailable for scheduled maintenance starting at 9 AM EST on Wednesday, 9/10/2008. This maintenance will incorporate a major upgrade to the message board system and the server that the message board runs on. We expect this maintenance may take until midnight, though it’s possible (due to the amount of data that needs to be moved) that not all parts of the message board will become available until Thursday afternoon.

Guess that means some will have to do something constructive…Like market there business or maybe even do an inspection. :wink:

Upgrading to 3.7.3? It’s much more secure.

Going to be a lot of people bored to death tomorrow, I bet Inspection News sets a new record for online users tomorrow----:smiley:

I hope many folks begin God and Politic posts there tomorrow—:smiley:

Keep them on their toes deleting posts, probably break the boredom their some also—:smiley:

I think when I get done with my morning inspection, I will start a God thread, and something politically incorrect also—:smiley:

I’ll go to inspection news and start a fight so everyone will have something interesting to read. It is going to be hard for us to go without fighting 24 hours…:slight_smile: When they update the forum, could I have some extra greenies to help me absorb some of the reds I have gotten lately.?


Why are you getting reds?

Yup, use the time constructively!

Find another politic BB!!!

Maybe the new system will automatically put the user name in when someone gives rep. that way cowards can’t hide behind there computer screen any longer.

Moving to the new, hot,…9/9/08 10:33 PM–

You’ll love the new message board. Getting ready to start the move so we’ll be down for a while. See ya on the other side.

Looking forward to it.

6 more minutes

Crap I am having withdrawal already someone quick send me a fix:( :frowning: :frowning:

Any built - in holds in this count down?

Chris lost the switch;-)

Na… He’s just so good, and so fast, that we blinked and missed it.:wink:

Still running:

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