7 yr old roof bad install

Inspected this house yesterday and went up onto this 7 yr. old roof and found several issues.

  1. chimney flashing installed wrong, flashing not imbedded in brick
  2. plumbing boot installed wrong
  3. no drip edge flashing
  4. shingles doubled up over a previous vent hole, instead of replacing the plywood underneath with a new sheet. Installers just put a new piece over the hole and shingled over top of it , causing a high spot.

Any thoughts on how to write up the high spot of shingles and do you think it could become an issue ? Thank You

Sunnyvale-Coventry 063.JPG

Sunnyvale-Coventry 063.JPG

Sunnyvale-Coventry 063.JPG

Sunnyvale-Coventry 070.JPG

Sunnyvale-Coventry 060.JPG

Sunnyvale-Coventry 081.JPG

Write what you see and the consequences of not having it repaired by a qualified professional.

Agreed, I would just report your roof findings, include several photos, and give a detailed narrative. It is out of your hands at that point. Just be cautious not to slam the roofing contractor in any of your verbal or written comments.

I know it is tempting sometimes to call someone out but we must always refrain.

Thats to much work to replace a whole sheet, these work great and much easier.

Nice product

Should be step-flashing at the cricket/chimney sidewall.

Does Tennessee require permits for a roof or re-roof installation? If those mistates were made, how many more were made that you cannot see? Is the roof still under warrnty? Some roofing contactors do give a ten year warranty (bet that one had a 60 day warrnty).

If itis wrong, it is wrong. You may not even be able to repair that roof. It may need to be replaced. I would recommend contaccting the original installer, if he was still in business. If not, I would definelty recommend contactng the buidlilng department and other roofing contractors for second opnions. In my opinion there is a good chance that that roof will need to be replaced. The seller will not like you, but you are not working for them. Your client needs to know exactly what is going on and what may need to be done. That roof has several leaks waiting to happen, if not already leaking (which one of the pictures showed).

And why not expose that roofing contractor? He screwed the client with a bad install. He needs to be held responsible.