71 inspectors joined InterNACHI yesterday. Nuts.


When only the best will do!

Wow! The florida area is pretty saturated. Ive also noticed many of the active posters are from Florida. Why the large number compared to other states’

Great place to be a home inspector:

  • Real estate market runs all-year round down here.
  • Short ownership time.
  • No snow.
  • No ice.
  • Not many fossil-fuel appliances.
  • Many 1-story homes.
  • No basements.
  • Insurance inspections.
  • Wind mitigation inspections.
  • Termites.
  • Sun burns up the roofs quickly.
  • Investment properties.

Interesting Nick. Do they have state licensing?

Edit to add: I googled it Nick. I see they do not have to pass the NHIE. That prolly contributes to the large number as well.

No. No one starts a business and a new career (one of the biggest decisions a person makes in their life) because they do or don’t have to pass one test or another.

Oh, I agree, that is certainly not what I meant, but that test can be somewhat of a hurdle.

Yep. The NHIE is a bogus exam.

Too many in Colorado. But I am still busy! Having my best year!

inspection in Chicago is year round other than a little dead around Christmas and I will take the winter over the tropical heat any day of the week.

Going to Miami next month and not looking forward to baking .

I’m showing this to my wife. You’re making my point for me.