InspectVue... The Best Home Inspection Software and Save $100 buying It from Me!

Hi Guys,
PorterValley Software, the InspectVue Program has authorized me to be a dealer and reseller for their software… If anyone is looking to switch to InspectVue or have questions about the use of it for inspections, give me a call at… (949) 331-2602. Since I use the software for my own business, who better to ask regarding their program…And yes, ofcourse you can contact InspectVue yourself to purchase the program but you can ask me any questions, pro’s and cons about the program. The software has saved me from a lot of time, money, protected me from lawsuits and has gained me so many clients… I have NEVER had one complaint regarding InspectVue. And the protection it offers is excellent, when you put construction experts with a guy that has a PHD in English, you can’t find a better program. Okay, I am rambling and I don’t mean to make this sound like an infomercial, but it truly is the best product on the market.

And: As an Authorized Dealer, If you purchase the product from me, I will credit you back $100 off my commission. So your total price will be $885, instead of the full retail of $995.

If you would like to purchase the Program or need a Demo disk mailed to you, let me know! You can view a sample report from my website… note: I do not have a Summary Page attached, but this is a function that is available.

Justin Watts
American Dream Home Inspection


Another Vendor?..:shock: …:smiley::smiley:

An fellow inspector… that can save you some Cash!
I have no sales background… The product sold me! And now I wish to sell it…


What deal can you offer for the upgrade for those of us who allready have Inspectvue?

From one Inspectvue user. :smiley:

So you have to purchase the product at $9-1000, then pay $250 or more a year to use it?:shock:

I have InspectVue as well, and I believe its the “Support Contract” info thats being described for the additional monies…

I sent Inspectvue and 2 other un named programs to my lawyer with a question? Which one of these programs will give me the best chance of staying out of court? His answer was this. While no report programs will keep you out of court, the Inspectvue program will give you the best chances of keeping you out of court. But again, a program is only as good as the person inputting the information. Yes it is a expensive program. But it does supply you with alot of information and teeth to back it up. My clients like my reports.

I totally agree that it seems to be excellent. That’s just alot of money for me right now unless I end up getting some good running capital.

I’m trying out one that was posted here with an excellent trial plan. Very affordable and the reports and business software are impressive.

Hi Everyone,
I appreciate your replies… and good questions by the way. Let me clarify some things for those that do not presently use InspectVue:

When you buy the program, your technical support service and downloadable upgrades are free with program ($995) for 1 year. After that year, if you wish to keep the support service and future download upgrades each year, the cost is $250. Keep in mind, if you purchase the program from me, its ($895).

The program is constantly being upgraded with new features and enhances the program including inspection methods, definitions, recalls, etc. etc. After you purchase the initial program, it is up to you whether or not you wish to keep the tech support.

The Developers of this program, Lorne Steiner and Keith Swift provide excellent input into the program and keep it up to date with our ever changing industry…

I would NEVER endorse or sell anything that I did not believe in… If you want to provide your clients with the very best reports, and minimize your liability. This Report system is a necessity in our industry.

One more thing: The Program will pay for itself… How?

InspectVue automatically converts your reports to an adobe pdf. file, that file can be saved, uploaded and EMAILED to all of your clients. You don’t have to spend money on Postage, travel costs dropping off hard copy reports, and the most expensive INK CATRIDGES… My program, and yes, I paid FULL COST in 2004 for it has already paid for itself…

If anyone is interested in purchasing the InspectVue Program, Call me! And remember I will credit you back a $100… after your purchase. With just (4) Inspections you could have this program paid for!

Justin Watts
American Dream Home Inspection
(949) 331-2602

As for my contract with InspectVue, they have not specified any incentives for renewing tech support the ($250) per year, but I will ask them tonight and get back to you…


Tell Lorne to hurry up with the promised upgrade, he seems to be a little late.:slight_smile:

And use Homegauge in AZ;)

The last time I spoke with Lorne, the major upgrade will be ready near the first of the year… January 2007. So its coming… and its going to be EVEN FASTER then the program now…

I have previewed Home Guage, its very confusing! And I don’t know how clients even understand the reports!

Could you do a comparison with Hi-Port for me please? If you have time?

Thanks in advance…

Hi Wendy,
I am at the HI PORT website, checking out their sample reports…

Hmm that is what he said in Jan 06:(


Wendy, Justin sells Inspectvue so his Hi port comparison might be suspect.

Homegauge is easy to use Justin, and I say this as an Inspectvue user.

Hi Wendy,
I just looked at some sample reports at their website… The HI PORT reports are like reading “stereo installation” instructions compared to INSPECTVUE’s smooth report writing style…

HI PORT looks confusing in its format… Your clients want something that is simple to read…

Check out my Sample InspectVue Report at my website and compare for yourself. Go to my website:
Click on the LEFT under SAMPLE REPORT
Allow it a few moments to Download…
And just take a look at it. Its easy to read, You can HIGHLIGHT DEFECTS IN RED so they stand out, and it flows smoothly.

Let me know what you think…

Home Guage uses “check boxes” and “symbols” to illustrate defects… and does not give the full description of the defect like InspectVue does… As mentioned in the previous reply, InspectVue is designed to protect you! And at the same time, its easy for clients to read…