90 Amp Subpanel

Is there a reason each breaker has a hot and neutral wire on them. Panel breakers are for 4 AC/heat pumps units.

Looks to me like these are all 240 volt breakers and the white and black are both hot.
The white wire to the breakers should have been identified as hot wires .painted black or black tape on them.

Both the A/C and heat pumps are straight 240 volt units. Those are not neutrals.

Neutrals only connect to AFCI or GFI breakers.


What size neutral feed wire from main is that? Is it sized right? Should there be a jumper from the grounded bus bar to the conduit nut? Should there be a 4 wire feed to this panel?

Thx in advance.

There is no need for a neutral in a straight 240 volt panel.

Why do you think a bond bushing is needed?

Not sure what you mean? Is this not a remote distribution panel?

A neutral is required because there are two single pole 120volt circuit breakers. Looks like the small white conductor in the offset nipple with the phase conductors is the feeder neutral. The metal offset nipple is the fourth conductor or the EGC. No bonding bushings required.

What about the smaller size of that feeder neutral?

The neutral can be smaller than the phase conductors when sized according to the calculated load.

So as a generalist HI not performing calculated loads and majority are the same size as the phase conductors, would this be something to defer to an electrician for verification?
Also, when are the bonding jumpers needed?

Thx in advance.

I don’t think that it would be in the scope of your inspection to figure out if the reduced sized neutral is large enough. However as a rule of thumb you can look at the two 120 volt circuits and see if the neutral is large enough to carry to full load of those two circuits.

Bonding jumpers are not required for subpanel feeder raceways if the voltage is less than 250 volt to ground. in some cases they’re not required even if the voltage is greater than 250 volts to ground.

Good stuff, thank you.