Project Deadwood continues

The NACHI Staff has deleted another 300 members: most of them are now out of the business. A great effort by the staff last week. We have now deleted about 800 members. We’re clearing them out - only up-to-date members will now be searchable in our databases.

Again if you yourself come across any deadwood please e-mail me at with the title: Deadwood. I appreciate all your responses so far.

And it continues . . . I’ve deleted another 100 members this week. This whole process is making us a little bug-eyed though. :bug: So, we’ve come up with a better solution:

You will be emailed a reminder when it comes time to renew. If you pass the renewal date the system will send you more and more emails and then will eventually send you an email letting you know that you are being deleted from the system.

Of course you can always rejoin later.

This new system reminds us how important it is to update your email address in your profile. Not only are potential customers trying to get ahold of you this way, but you could also be missing out on great NACHI information.

Here are instructions to add a new email address: Sign-in in the top right hand corner and then select Edit Your Profile. Scroll down and change your email address. Scroll down a little farther and select Submit Changes.

Keep up the good work Jackie. We have plenty of working members so we don’t need the deadwood anymore. Any of them that gives you a hard time just send them to Dan he will take care of it.

Jackie, great work!

May I suggest that you email that same notice to all members?

We know that very few actually read the MB.

Considering how much emails we get from vendors who have access to the system, it should not be difficult to send out an email to that effect.

Jackie, I see that the inactive member that I sent to you back on May 30 is still listed. ](*,)

Thanks, Dan. I appreciate the praise.

Duly noted Russ. We’re going to send out a mass email informing everyone about the new process when we’re ready to launch it. You guys just get a sneak peek at the future.

:bug: Sorry Paul, no excuses, I’m on it. I appreciate the reminder. :bug: