The most outrageous diploma mill claim

*"it usually takes about three to four months from the day a new franchisee signs their final paperwork to the day they do their first home inspection. *

During that time, they undergo rigorous training, including 10 binders of home study materials, and an intensive two-week boot camp in Halifax.

After the boot camp is over, the new franchisee is ready to become a licensed home inspector – a must in BC.

“They can walk back into their business after boot camp, do an inspection on day one, and put a cheque straight into the bank,” Williams says.

Once they’re up to speed, A Buyer’s Choice franchisee can do 600 inspections per year at about $450 per inspection – creating a gross income of $270,000 per year."

What are we all doing on these boards…buy a franchise tomorrow…or sooner if you can!!!

Shake the head again and again until you understand…buy a franchise right now!!!:twisted::twisted::mrgreen::stuck_out_tongue:

What marvelous example of fine business and education lays this claim?

A Buyer’s Choice master franchisor in British Columbia. The company was started here in Halifax 3-4 years ago. The franchisors are making $$$$$ but the HI’s???

I’ve been consulted on or have seen 4 of their misses but none have been large enough to warrant court yet…but they were fairly significant.

The last was a wood stove and new metal chimney installation:

Private sale- The homeowner installed the system but needed a WETT certified inspector to do a report before the house insurance would cover wood heat. It was done by A Buyers Choice inspector about 5 months previous. (so the vendor said; the report could not be found by the vendor…“maybe I gave it to the insurer”…but he claimed strongly that this company’s inspector OK’ed the installation)

Last April, when I did an inspection for the buyer, I found… not 1, not 2, not 3…but 6 misses by the inspector on this installation.

IMHO…wrong company name…BUYERS BEWARE is more like it!!!

I imagine many less experienced Inspectors might opt to go the franchise assistance route till they feel confidant.

May I ask what type issues you found?
6 sure seems like a lot for a simple fire tube.:slight_smile:

Interesting… You can get into big trouble in the US with the Federal Trade Commission by making these kinds of earnings claims. Franchise earnings claims are a big NO NO in the US and can get a franchise system fined or even shut down.

Gee Brian this is close to what I heard in 2003 just before the OAHI meeting when they talked to those who wanted to become inspectors .
Only coming from an RHI he made it sound sooo good .

Once they’re up to speed, A Buyer’s Choice franchisee can do 600 inspections per year at about $450 per inspection – creating a gross income of $270,000 per year."

Notice the strategic use and placement of the word “can”. All of these sham artists make sure that they have legal wiggle room.

  1. Not enough screws in flue pipe joints

  2. No shielding at ceiling joists above short horizontal section of flue pipe (18" clearance to combustibles required or shield properly)

  3. No protective collar where the insulated “pass through” horizontal chimney section went through a closed off basement window frame

  4. The chimney support base was reversed from manufacturer requirement

  5. The vertical exterior chimney did not have wall brackets at manufacturer recommended locations

  6. The chimney section above the roofline should’ve had roof braces for horizontal stability in high winds

BOB if its in Canada its a wild west show.
There is no government sanctioned approval and anything goes.That meaning the government have no teeth that all.
I am certified through INACHI as you know for we have looked at each others posts before and answered each other.This is a group bringing franchising into home inspection as a money maker that’s all.Not a clue or want to do proper investigative work its a money maker that it that’s all.
Like a puppy mill.
That is my thoughts for I am up here in Quebec and you down in Chicago.At least you have government regulation and that the main reason I went towards INACHI when making a choice for whom to train me.

read Chuck Evans post.
Why do you think they are up here in Canada.

I see you are here to George.
I explained to George and will to all.I am here for the long haul.I TRULY plan to try to make a difference in Quebec and hope to help the industry.I know they are big dreams.I will turn to INACH’S members for help and that’s a main reason I got into home inspection and with INACHI.

Good for you Robert ,If I can help please ask . Roy

Mr.Cooke I do thank you.I have gone into your website to view you just to see the face behind the man.
I really do appreciate the offering of a hand and will take you up on that offer as soon as I get out of the box so to speak.
I have spent a year putting my self together and also aiding my mother 84 and blind so I can only go as fast as I can at the moment.
I remember my friend telling me ( some one unprepared is fully prepared to fail.)
I will only open full prepared.
Thank you again Cooke.

There is at present no regulation/law in effect with specific respect to home inspection in Québec. The only Canadian province with some regulation is British Columbia.

These are just a few I found turning out instant Home Inspectors in Ontario .
there are about 459,000 s … Roy

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About 459,000 results (0.23 seconds)

Cooke I attended PHII and they were well informed.When you pass with a 90 plus average you are instantly a INACHI member in good standing.I found them to be more than honest and helpful.Very good pic,s clear and up to date.Explanatory towards every aspect of home inspection.There market supplies where expensive.Not much software to speak of.Paper report software.That is out of date to me.
It had its pro’s and con;s but fair program and when they mentioned InterNACHI as a free-bee if you pass I was sold.
I looked for years at schools and got coned by collage,it was adult education.No accreditation worthless in Canada and anywhere else to think of. Asked for money back because they lied to me saying good certification for Canada,There certification is useless in the states,for they have been investigated and the literature and pictures were in black and white with low to no resolution.

In Ontario, like most of the country except BC, you need a lot less than these courses to be an instant HI…All you need is the gumption to try to pass yourself off as a knowledgeable and properly trained HI…NOT HAVING HOME INSPECTION LAWS make this easy…easy…easy.

Hell, from the Grow-op TV show, one HI was claiming he was an engineer…even after he had been warned previously not to use that designation (probably from the professional engineering society). Still wondering about the other “home inspectors” in the show and their claims about training and experience that enable them to inspect homes. Anyone find out anymore about who they were?

No laws mean that anyone can enter the marketplace with as little training/experience as they can get away with.

BTW…one of the courses offered is Carson-Dunlop with costs of up to $5,300 for the ten modules…gotta be serious if you’re going to invest that much plus the time to study and pass the proctored exams. Not an instant HI, IMHO.

Cooke I attended PHII and they were well informed .
Glad for you but knowing many of the directors and past experience and information they supply convinces me they have not changed .
I am not interested in there selfish cult like attitude and self apointed secret group.
Been there done that and do not want the T shirt .
I am just one of many who can see through their smoke and mirrors.

BTW…one of the courses offered is Carson-Dunlop with costs of up to $5,300 for the ten modules…gotta be serious if you’re going to invest that much plus the time to study and pass the proctored exams. Not an instant HI, IMHO.
Having know many who have taken the Carson-Dunlop course’s that are now home Inspectors .

I recommend them to all who insist in trying to becoming a home Inspector.
I also tell them they are looking at spending about $10,000;00 and three years to get established as a home Inspector.

WE are busy but many are not in my area .
Tomorrows Inspection by referral

Cooke just went into PHII and will change my attitude vey quickly for it has changed and I do not recignise it anymore.
Maybe because it was 2 years ago that I sought this school for there was not much on the internet market pre 2008,and maybe because of what real education through INACH has given me but.WOW.It has changed .So have I thank god.