A/C vent in the attic

A home built in 1964 - what is this A/C vent wrapped with?

Looks liked kraft faced fiberglass batts and duct tape.


That. …

I had a client that insisted it was asbestos - and another inspection was done before mine - the inspector called it out as asbestos… I have a 1st time home buyer that was starting to get nervous! I tried to calm him, but then started to doubt myself! Thanks!

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On the bottom you can see parts of it ripped with fiberglass hanging loose.

Asbestos pipe wrap is white. Never seen it on AC ducts. Also has too much bulk to be asbestos.

sure looks like fiberglass from Ohio…what did it taste like ?

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Did you do an asbestos inspection? If so, you sure better know (or at least be testing) if it’s asbestos. If not I’d kindly inform the buyer that identifying environmental hazards is beyond the scope of your inspection.

Buyer’s that are surprised/shocked about asbestos in a 1964 home have a terrible real estate agent and/or did not ask the correct questions of their inspector.

I did not assess for asbestos. I felt this was not asbestos, and told the client that was my opinion. I explained that asbestos or any environmental testing was far beyond the scope, and pointed that out to him on the NACHI SOP.

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