Asbestos pipping insulation?

Hello, first time poster here.
I’m looking to purchase a 1967 house in brooklyn and notice this white pipping insulation in the garage.
Are these asbestos? Any opinion from your experience would be great.

Steve, its tough to see in the pictures, but if i had to wager yes or no based on your pistures, i’d say yes. However only a lab test can be certain of the contents. Typically a fiber material wrapping will be markes asbestos, but if there were another layer put over it (many times a plaster wrapping material) it wouldnt be labelled too.

Thank you Mike, i’m still in negotiation process so it is difficult to take samples.

Looking at the 3rd picture i’m pretty sure they are not fiber glass. Are there other piping insulation materials out there besides fiberglass and asbestos?

Steve as Mike said you need to get it tested at a lab to be certain either way.


Can’t tell from the photo, have it tested. Could be an earlier form of pipe insulation. :slight_smile: