A Detail for Stoop Flashing


I’m putting together a detail that covers stoop flashing as part of my stucco report. Any suggestions or recommendations at this location? Anybody know what the minimum code requirement is?


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Ken, you may want to show this bit of flashing behind the casing…just a thought.

Agree Larry that is the worst spot.

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This article mentions the section of code you can look up.

I’m aware of that, thanks. My concern is the concrete being poured against the house above grade.

That Z flashing is sitting on sheathing, with the WRB layered over it.

Oh, gotcha…

When stoops leak;
Here is one I did 11 years ago.

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Nice work, Marcel…but what else could I expect from you? :grin:

Marcel, What is the product used under the door in pic 3? I have never seen it before.

I can’t remember Scott, that was 11 years ago, I bought that at a lumber yard in N.H. for a house I was renovating in Epping.

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