Double Shingles

Okay this is a two year old composite shingle roof over a 21 year old asphalt composite shingle roof. My question is? None of the plumbing vents, skylights, or either chimney has visible flashing or sealant on the second layer. Is this practice acceptable? Was the thought process that the first layer was sealed so this layer doesn’t need to be? Somebody help please?:?:







The top layer of shingles requires flashing/sealing.

I just don’t know how this was something overlooked on every single roof penetration. Would I find this in the IRC?

It’s an Uncle Buck weekend special edition roof installation.:slight_smile:

They did not follow the manufacturers installation instructions.

This is one of the reasons double layering shingles is frowned upon. It is now harder to flash boots like these, and any flashing mistakes made on the first roof still exist. The rubber (neoprene) continue to degrade, and leave a weak point.

This is a mobile home?

Are you a code inspector or a home inspector. Only AHJs are limited to the basic minimum standards.

Anyway…the IRC says that penetrations will be properly flashed. These are not. Write it up.

Simple question James just wanted to know what the actual code was. I am property inspector and I don’t do codes. Thanks though. Yes Michael it is a mobile home.

free here

R907.6 Flashings

Flashings shall be reconstructed in accordance with approved manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

“R903.2- Flashing shall be installed in a manner that prevents moisture from entering the wall and roof through joints… … and other roof penetrations.”

It has to prevent moisture intrusion and these are installed incorrectly. But I agree with Jim and Harry, I wouldn’t cite the code, just say it’s wrong, it may leak and recommend correction by a qualified contractor.

If I don’t observe exposed flashing on sloped roof penetrations (I don’t care how many layers of shingles are installed), I call them out.

Disregard improper flashing at stack.