A must see! LOL

If you have not seen the HGTV “Holmes Inspection” on leaking duct work do it you will laugh so hard you will bust a gut.:smiley:


Last eposode just put on HGTV. At least Mike Holmes says “This is not what a Home Inspector should do.” LOL

Some of us may not see him much so can you describe the hilarity a little bit right here or is it visual comedy?

Eposode#8 On HGTV.

Canada market is different than the US market.

You guys must get HGTV on Internet. It should be right under eposode #8

Post #2. :cool:

Cracks me up as he is in Canada but has show in USA that is probly giving buyers a false idea of home inspections. Notice as most of us do that he is also a contractor.


The screen comes up but when I push play… it doesn’t.

There is a CIBC add first and you must wait 5 sec for it to load. This depends on the speed of your service and the speed of you computer.

Actualy Paul he says in this eposode he is a builder. A builder of what is my question?

Kevin the funniest part (IMO) was when he yaps on about the window being warped (which wow he notices upon entering in like 1.2 seconds oh yes this wasn’t rehearsed) and load and structure…then rips the window out only to find that it was just the window dressing board that wasn’t nailed in…oops. I will replace that with a really nice window so we will forget about the blunder. Smoke and mirrors…lipstick and mascara same thing! Now we have asbestos in caulking? I could see maybe that it was used in high heat caulking but who would use that outside$$$.and upon a non destructive inspection how would anyone know? … he said it was under the top layer of caulking…another oops?

Thats two things Scott, lets keep this going and see who comes up with more.
My favorite was him installing a full length window and making the statement. “All I need is a leak in the roof.” LOL
It sure does not make Canada look good for some inspectors.

Same here Kenton.

Must only work on Canadian IP addresses, as only canadian inspectors have commented on it.

Oh well, didn’t really want to spend 45 minutes watching him. I’d rather do a Nachi TV instead!


Actually the length is about 20 minutes if you take out commercials.
I will wait to see if other HI’s say anything first. I will check at lunch time.

Doesn’t play for me either.

The basement was leaking at the window well and had evidence from the basement but to find a leak they lifted the laminate flooring that was installed wrong and showed moisture on the cement foundation which had nothing to do with the crack at the window. They then decided to dig up the foundation, Level the ground and change all the downspouts and gutters. Roofer made a big mistakes telling everyone on TV that the plumbing stack was a bathroom air exhaust.
I will fill you in on more when I get more time.

According to the Homeowner they only had three days to find a Home Inspector.
They had looked at 60 homes before purchase of this home.
Mike said there was a leak in the Attic and the roof.
He said that it was good that they called a Home Inspector.
He pulled on angel brick that was visibly damaged and even a child could spot this as being wrong.
They installed a window that was right down to the floor. The handle to open the windows was about 6 inches from the floor.
Spindles going down to the basement had more than 4 inch spacing between.
To top it all off the shot of the Attic revealed no soffit vents installed after the work was done.
There is probably more but I don’t care to put anymore.
Sorry you guys can’t see this because it is not good for Canada HI.