this video goes out to a few homeowners and REALTORS

You need to watch and learn something.

If a homeowner or anyone else wants x–amount of footage waterproofed and…duh, there’s another crack AWAY FROM aka BEYOND where we or any other decent waterproofing contractor, left off, then that is on YOU Mr homeowner or realtor etc.

Let’s say, as is said the stupid video, someone wants 8’ or 28’ waterproofed, fine.

BUTT, there is another crack in the wall 1’ or 5’ or 25’ away from where we left off (an undone, non waterproofed area) then, that’s YOUR problem.

That’s why everything I write up says…what it says! I guarantee THAT FOOTAGE, period. I do not guarantee any other area because…duh, we didn’t waterproof that area and didn’t charge the homeowner for any other area!!#@!!@!@$ Are you really that stupid?

A different example, let’s say a homeowner wanted 3 driveway slabs removed and re–friggin-poured. Do some of you actually think a concrete contractor is going to guarantee any OTHER of the driveways slabs that he didn’t touch…HUH? Shttt, you barely get a year guarantee on any new shtt they pour as it is. Some people are pieces of crap, yes you are.

Buuuuuh BYE!!! Oh hey, you knothead homeowners, realtors etc, please pretty please go ahead and call B Dry or Everdry or Foundation idiotzzz of Michigan, see what you get from these beauties, do NOT call me.