A Part of History

I know it is a tree but i found it amazing the Buyer wanted to cut it down:shock:

Probably redcoats in the family tree. :wink:

LOL i bet that is the answer. I suggested it may have been used as hanging tree too .

Probably a Tea Party member who didn’t want to be accuse of insurrection due to his love of trees. Sarah Palin is a harsh mistress. :mrgreen:

Did not see how large it was till I noticed the tiny car in front of it.
Guess he wants a bigger garage.:slight_smile:

That tiny car is my truck BOB dodge mega cab 4x4 lolol

The base was at least 5 feet across. It kinda looks like several tress grown together

I wonder if that tree is ‘protected’, such as with other things of historical significance. Typically, if the bronze plaque is issued, it is recorded ‘somewhere’.

I believe it is protected

I was thinking the same thing.

It’s protected until it falls on someones head and then it’s the owners responsibility.

It would make a great place for a tree house . It is on County Property actually

Do you mention the possibility of that in your report?

I inspect many homes that are on the National Registry. I always, always, always include a pic of the plaque, a link to the Nat’l Registry website, and a warning for due diligence before making any modifications. Gotta CYA!

Jeffery it is part of the school Yard. How ever i thought of standing my ladder beside it and firing up the Chain saw to see who came running .

LOL !!!

Unfortunately, I can see a homeowner taking it upon himself to “prune it just a little”!!!

That is one fuh-uh-uh-gly tree. I’m sure the utility company whose lines are running through its branches won’t hesitate to hack any encroaching limbs off.

They did trim the limbs back and sealed the ends. LOL I said it should be used in a horror Movie

Reminds me of the Oak Tree in “Poltergeist” !