Ok, I have been away for awhile, reviewing my options, taking a breather from courses.

I have completed my carson dunlop courses, and feel at a loose end, and had finally made the decision to take the inspect 4 U course, as the hands on, mentorship, and support, and all the other things they offer, were to be honest what I felt I was missing from my education through Carson Dunlop.

I was eagerly awaiting the response to a previous posters question about CanNachi and InterNachi and membership etc. Now after reading the posts I am a little confused.

There seems to be no association between Nachi and CanNachi, that was a shock for me, is there tensions between the two, to be honest I love Nachi, and can’t wait to join, I frequently take the test just to keep my mind working on the right track. By taking the inspect4U course will I be alligning myself with an entity that is somewhat hostile with Nachi? I know taking their course doesn’t mean I have to be a member of CanNachi.

Now I see The ACHI which is aligned with Nachi, oh I’m confused,

Honest opinions then please lads, is the inspect4U the way forward for me? Or would I be better taking the Nachi training. It’s the person to person contact I feel I need having a person to question and support me.

I guess I missed a lot in my time away, serves me tight.

I am really eager to get started with further training.

InterNACHI and CanNACHI are totally separate orgs with no formal affiliation, but there are a lot of informal ties between us and so we consider CanNACHI to be our sister association.

Why does Cannachi claim that there are no ties between the organizations?

ok, so if I join one or the other am I a member in both, or do I need to join both seperately, I will be joining Internachi in the near future, but also think that being associated with the canadian sister would be good too.

Any views on the inspect 4 U course then, my husband met an inspector that was rather condescending about how little he had to do to become an inspector, having gone through their course, I was rather dismayed at the attitude.

Brian asks:

Do you have a link to support this claim?

You don’t have to join either. They are both private professional trade associations and membership is voluntary. Join both, either, or neither. Whatever you like.

Thanks again Nick, this is one of the things I love so much about this group, the interaction between you, the head honcho, and the group, BTW tempted to join just to bypass the mods, somewhat annoying…

You didnt fully answer my question, if I join one am I member with both? Or is that what you mean’t by both, either, or neither?

I do understand what you mean about not needing to join any of the groups, but what kind of suicidal decision career wise would that be. InterNachi is it for Home inspection, without the support of this group I don’t feel that I could proceed in my interest.

Thanks again and hopefully you will see me as a member soon.

One last passing thought, or at least at this moment, would I be better to join Nachi now (I think I already know Nick’s answer) to enhance my training with Inspect4U, or to wait and go through the training first then take on the Nachi training, I’m thinking focus on one thing at a time, the next course in Alliston is early May so I need to sign up soon as only 3 seats remain, only a few weeks to wait.

Joining may be voluntary but not optional in my opinion,
If joining is optional then success is too!:stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I think you should be looking at InterNachi and ACHI.

InterNachi will give you a good source of educational materials.

ACHI because of its connection with lobbyists and other services it will be announcing and providing.

Also unlike CanNachi there is not direct link between and association and an inspection school.

Ditto PHPIC which has a president who runs an inspector school with direct.

In my book these are direct conflicts of interest.

Hi Nick
Check the bottom of their home page.

Hi Kathleen

Without beating around the bush. You have to join them separately. At this moment in time I am not aware of any cross benefits. Two separate organizations.

Where is the membership listing of which I was told repeatedly it was forthcoming!
That was more than a year ago.

I suspect the membership numbers are not as large as CanNachi would like anyone to believe!

As for ACHI. We are a separate organization from NACHI as well, but we respect what Nick and his organization has done and accomplished for it’s members.
May I ask where you are located?

Kathleen,if you have the Carson Dunlop Course completed I do not see why you would take the Inspect for U course,unless,do U get mentor hours,as far as the two different associations,Internachi has a wealth of information available,and assistance in setting up yourself in the biz,tons of support from other members as well,join InterNachi and hit the books all over again,you will be happy,have fun setting up your web site through Internachi,you are well on your way,PS, how was the Carson Dunlop Course.

I suspect the CanNACHI membership list is hidden the same place the ACHI membership list is hidden. ACHI has been around for a year yet none of their membership information is available, so why should CanNACHI or anyone else be held to a different standard? I am a member of neither, but I do know that one has about fifteen to twenty times as many members as the union one does

Bill Mullen.

Kathleen,I think it was my post you were referring to, I belong to InterNachi but also have the opportunity to join Alberta Nachi, which is our local chapter,That is where I became confused,CanNachi is separate entity,if you join CanNachi, with the education you already have ,combined with 50 hours of mentor hours, you qualify for associate status and are eligible to become licensed, if you live in BC Canada ,if not in BC,and furthering your knowledge and setting up your biz is important ,join InterNachi.


With the very kind participation of Nick the ALLIANCE of CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS can offer you a free membership in INACHI when you join ACHI. That will give you membership in a truly member driven Canadian organization as well as access to all the benefits of INACHI including the unparalleled on-line education that Nick Has put together over the years.

ACHI believes that all inspectors, especially newer inspectors will benefit from INACHI on-line education. No other Canadian association has demonstrated a real concern for new inspectors like this. ACHI does not treat inspectors like a cash cow to be milked to keep this association afloat. We believe that every inspector, regardless of experience or education is a valued asset to our industry and we continue to show it.

Inspect-4-u is not in any way an upgrade to the Carson / Dunlop course and you would be better served focusing elsewhere.

If you want to take advantage of our co-membership offer join us at;


OK, for now then I have decided to take your advice, George, unfortunately while I did take the Carson Dunlop courses, I am not eligible to join ACHI until I resit my plumbing course which I did miserably in, then I graduate. The rest of the courses are done with great grades! Yay me!

I have been doing the online exam here trying to get 100%, LOL, I’m dropping points in plumbing everytime.

I clearly need to drag the binder out again.

I am going to join Nachi tonight though, this moderated posting is driving me crazy, I didn’t see that my last post was up already.

Trying to answer questions now, Gerry I am in York region, a busy real estate market here, unfortunately also a large amount of tear downs.

Christopher, the Carson Dunlop online training worked great for me, I got to study at my own pace with assistance from teachers, however at the end it felt like a let down that there was no mentoring, no support to get me on the track to actually working. I do love the studying bit to be honest and am looking forward to starting the INachi education.

I had a question about that too though, in membership requirements I have to submit 4 inspections before working for a fee, is there a time line on doing these 4 inspections?

I look forward to reading about plumbing again:—)

I better learn to love it though, then maybe I will resit the CD course.

Once you join, your posts are no longer moderated and go up instantly.

I believe the 4 mock inspections.friends neighbors etc, need to be completed juring the first year of membership,I imagine you will be able to find some one on Internachi to meet up with you,take you on the job,mentor,what ever you want to call it,that is probably the piece of the puzzle you desire,look forward to seeing you as a member.