Provincal Licensing

I’m interest in hearing from Alberta and BC inspectors who went through the licensing process. What did the process consist of, and what was the content of the exam(s)? Like anything else, if you don’t use it, you lose it. In my small rural area I don’t see boiler heating systems, tile or slate roofing, duplex homes, and so on. With licensing coming to Ontario my concerns are the content of the exam(s).

There is no excuse for InterNACHI members to fail. You have all the resources you need to pass: Don’t worry. When ON adopts licensing, InterNACHI will come up there and give members live prep courses.

Alberta ACHI uses internachi exams, do the practice exams. Contact Dan Levia for the requirements to get certified.

It’s interesting to see and guess “what might be”. Until there’s a bill passed mandating licensing and a “designated authority” that sets the rules, it’s speculation. It’s anyone guess on if and when it will happen.

My guess, not until CSA has completed and validated it’s “home inspection standards”. Having sat on the “study group” that was one of the major keystone requirements.

In the meantime, certainly and respectfully - it does not hurt anyone to look at sample exams.

Errr, Ontario is not Canada, Canada is just a little bit bigger.

Thanks…good point, but that was not my intention. My take on the first post in this thread is from an Ontario inspector asking about what to expect on a possible Ontario licensing exam.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but in Ontario based on my personal experience with the “Ontario MCS” (Ministry of Consumer Services) study, the Alberta and BC models were discussed and accordingly do not seem to fit the bill.

No disrespect intended…

There will be some specific challenges to the training and though interNachi has the best training money can buy, I do feel it will not seamlessly fit into what will be needed to get it right in Ontario.
I am hoping that training does come out geared to our strict guidelines on the new building energy codes and the adoption of the new deck codes.
One can only hope it will cut down on the easy route to get into HI.

Thanks for the input gentlemen - Much appreciated.