Just a little confused,are CanNachi and Internachi separate entities,I am an internachi member,Residing in Canada,thanks,Am I entitled to a free membership or discount,are my credits transferable,thanks again

Hi Christopher
Yes they are separate entities and no free membership. As for transferable credits and such, I think they are but you’ll have to contact them to be sure.

Thanks,now I know,what caught my attn was the proctored exams and mentor requirement,seems like a good structure to have in place.

you sure you are not talking about achi?

There is a Canadian forum of this message board. Ask there, and I might be able to help you there.

Thanks Gerri,and yes I double checked their membership requirements,it states, must complete proctored exams and 50 hours mentor requirement,whether they enforce or not,I don’t know,I am happy with my Internachi membership but proctored exams may come into play down the road,I reside in Alberta,Cahpi Alberta requires completion of the carson dunlop home inspection program,plus 2 alberta building code courses,plus proctored in house exams,In BC you are welcome to just challenge the exams,which Is preferable to me,this is all future reference though,and thanks Nick I will Re post.