A true, heavy duty-inspection vehicle

Can’t fly a drone where you need to inspect? Tired of those rickety ladders that blow over while you’re on the roof?

I just bought this totally serviceable 1990 Pierce Arrow Aerial ladder truck. 105’ ladder swivels 360 degrees. Four hydraulic stabilizers extend out 4’ on each side.

Late for your next inspection? See that little rectangular thing just above and in the middle of the front bumper? It turns the traffic lights green as you approach the intersection, and just to be safe, the siren is real, REAL LOUD!

Lights on the side of the truck extend up to 6 feet and are bright enough to perform an inspection at 3 AM (just like you were hoping to do!)

It’s got an 1100 KW generator that produces up to 200 amps and all sorts of other bells, whistles, buzzers, sirens, and flashing (and non-flashing) lights.

I’ll probably put it up for sale pretty soon but I think we’re going to have a little fun with it first.

Want a photo to use it for advertising your inspection company? I’ll have a banner made and attach it to the ladder, or make it bigger and hang it from the raised ladder.

In Colorado, and maybe in other states, no tags, registration or commercial driver’s license required and insurance is dirt cheap!


I Like It! very much!

Nice toy! How’s the maintenance?

I haven’t taken possession yet, Chuck. Tomorrow. I bought it from a friend. I’m sure some of it can be expensive.

You can add house washing services :slight_smile:

Serious power washer.

Cool. If you need help with anything, give me a shout.

Nice! Love to see the client’s face when you arrive in that beast!

Actually, turns out there’s not a lot. Oil change, hydraulic filter. Detroit Diesel motor and tranny (Allison?) in good condition. These motors will go over 500,000 miles. Same motor used by many busses and over-the-road tractors. There are grease zerks for various things.

I’ll learn more about it tomorrow (many many lights, 2 sirens, traffic opticon, generator, hydraulic stabilizers, etc.). We’ll run the ladder all the way out (500 lb. max. at full horizontal extension).

We spent about an hour and a half today going over just the basics and he wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting into (something I wanted to know myself!). He showed me how to start and stop the motor and explained the air brakes.

It’s a beast!

Well, yeah… oooops. Now that I have both 3" thick 3-ring binders and also the one the last fire department put together…
There’s not a lot if you just buy it and drive it, then sell it.
But if you maintain it to constantly upgrading NFPA formal specs… it’s a nightmare!
But if you just buy it and maintain the systems to maintain an adequate level of safety, then yeah… there’s a level of responsibility to owning one of these antique (albeit recent) trucks that takes some dedication
Chuck! So nice of you to volunteer!
We need to solvent strip, then lubricate, the aerial ladder cables to start with, and then go page by page through the various systems, performing maintenance as specified.
I’m looking forward to actually meeting you for the first time, and if you contribute to maintenance you’ll have a certain amount of access to the aerial ladder truck.
So, come on down!

Where was it made? There is a company in Dublin OH that makes these… Sutphen if I remember correctly.

How many CMI’s you could fit in?

before or after lunch?

I don’t know anything about ladder trucks, but I can read manuals. Give me a call when you’re ready. I’m probably only 1-1/2 hours from you.

The Detroit diesels are a beast.It will run forever. Just keep the fuel dry and change the fuel filter regularly. I use diesel fuel stabilizer in my Duece . The Allison automatic is a good transmission. Watch the fluid level. Here is my inspection truck for those “questionable geographic areas”

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Wow, Kenton, I truly hope you enjoy your new tool. :cowboy_hat_face: :flushed:

Hi Dave,
This is made by Pierce (Arrow is the model), who make custom fire trucks. They’re in Wisconsin. There are a number of companies out there who produce fire trucks and they’re all custom built.

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Very cool truck, Joseph! looks like it would take a concrete wall to stop it! And what’s in the back of that truck? Is that an anti-tailgater device?

The aerial truck has a 740ci Silver-92 detroit diesel that’s both supercharged and turbocharged. “Beast” is right! The more I find out about this thing the more I’m in awe.

Thanks Chuck! I’ll keep you in mind.

Badass truck. I could use that out here. Only problem is that it would be too wide for most of the trails. I’d have to knock down a bunch of trees and boulders.

What’s that thing mounted on the pintle in the back?

On the back is a semi-auto .50 cal “Ma Duece”.