AC clearance

Opinions of dryer vent and sump pump discharge behind AC at right.

Not exactly the most well thought out installation thats for sure. The dryer vent could cause future maintenance problems with discharging lint onto the condensing unit coil, but I am not sure if there is any other major concern, Is this new construction?

The AC disconnect should not be directly behind the unit.

They are offset a little to the side and I was able to reach them without climbing over or removig anything.

Air-conditioning condensing units and heat pump units.
A readily accessible disconnect within sight from unit as the only allowable means.

ACCESSIBLE,READILY. Capable of being reached quickly
for operation, renewal or inspections, without requiring those
to whom ready access is requisite to climb over or remove
obstacles or to resort to portable ladders, etc.

most mfg. instructions state 10 to 12 inches clear space around the unit for servicing and cleaning and good air flow:D