Compressor Disconnect Distance

In your opinion, do you see any problem with the disconnect being 13 feet away, and not in direct eyesight of unit?

With the unit sitting the direction that it is service ports are close enough for me to see the disconnect I would not call that one out

Thanks Charley.

I would be more worried about the problems with the stucco. BTW was there coils against the wall?

Yes, lots of moisture issues here which had caused stucco damage. Especially around the front where the stucco was in contact with the ground and they were irrigating the home more than their lawn.

What is your concern with the coils?

Air flow if that has a side coil to close to the home

That’s better than having it too close.

Most Rheem’s only require 6" of clear space according to the manufacturers specs.

That disconnect is marginal IMO. As Charley stated, the orientation of the unit makes it somewhat acceptable, but the disconnect should have been relocated when the condenser was relocated.