On a stick ?? Sweet !

hahaha that’s a first for me!. Guess they got tired of having the unit stolen!

Nice pic.


Now THAT, is bizarre!:shock::roll:

What was wrong with the roof?

That way when you come to work you know if the A/C is missing:mrgreen:

Duh…prevents theft and acts as a lighting rod all at the same time! Two birds with one stone. Great idea…:wink:

Must be one helluva flood zone there…

Good air flow;-)
No shrubs to trim back

Just when you thought you’d seen it all.

That’s a first for me. Wheres the hurricane strapping, lol!!

I guess it’s OK 'cause it looks like a Goodman unit :wink:

Goodman = Janitrol = Jani Junk!:twisted: