I inspected this guys home six months ago and told him he needed to cover the block and/or door, as this is in Broward county. He had no sticker and didn’t want to buy a new door.
He did this himself. I am pretty sure I remember reading something about the panels, which I haven’t seen yet, have to be flush or nearly flush to the opening.
What say ye all?

I am not sure but would not have thought it was a problem until you said that so for me it is good to go.

As long as the panels are good, I’d say this is acceptable.

Normally, the NOA does not need to be reviewed for installation defects. If the panels have a valid NOA, looks like a valid storm panel installation, but you can check the details if you want. I would check the fasteners on the tracks if it was owner installed, as I have seen those put on with drywall screws many times…

The guy used tapcons. I am waiting for the panels to see what they are. This was the only area not protected/verified so it will go from an X to an A1. I want to make sure it is right so a reinspector doesn’t come out and reverse it.

Should be fine. A reinspector is going to look for the MDCA or Large Missile stamp on the panel…that’s it.

When does egress become an issue? or does it.

I seem to remember somewhere, that the panels cannot be more than an inch away from the window. Because of the door handle, the panel would be about six inches away from the glass block. When they have just the panel for the side lite, it is usually mounted flush with brackets on the inside of the opening.
In the real world, I don’t think it matters much, but, I want to make sure because as I said, this goes from no credits, to all opening protection.

One door is still required to be operable for egress when the rest of the home is shuttered, unless the shutter is operable from the inside manually. I believe that you can’t use any garage door for this.

edit: Checked the code for this. Means of escape can be any opening meeting the egress size requirements, and can be the side hinged door in the garage. R310.4

It’s my understanding that, as it relates to wind mits, egress is not an issue.

Absolutely correct Sir.

Common sense makes no difference

True, this is a building code issue and not counted on the 1802, but HI’s should at least be aware of it.

I only know about it because I used to install a lot of shutter products.

Eric, the panels are mounted directly on the opening, at least that is how it looks to me. the door, and block are recessed into the opening, so there is no problem with the way they are mounted.
Nothing to do with the 1802, but I would be surprised if the panels cover the opening completely as it has restricted width and the chances of the panels being exactly right are not very high. Normally find the panels mounted horizontally in an opening such as this. Also going back to your original question, the N.O.A. usually calls for a minimum clearance from the window or door, not a maximum clearance.

i guess if you have to shutter the place you shouldn’t be in there.


I’m sure you have already put this issue to bed but did want to comment on one of the issues that you brought up in the original post. (flush or nearly flush). While there is no requirement pertaining to maximum clearance from glazing there is a requirement for minimum clearances which is 1 inch. and on any opening, the side side wall clearance between the shutter and a wall or inset surface shall be 1/4 inch. Any distance in excess of 1/4 inch shall require end closure or overlap, where applicable.
I realize all of the above is likely out of the scope of a 1802 verification, but thought it good to share as to what the FBC requires.

I knew that inch was in there somewhere! :wink:

The guy actually got rated panels, so, three new pictures, and he is happy!