Accepting credit cards

I just started this year accepting credit cards using the company advertised in the NACHI newsletter. No upfront costs…but monthly service charges are adding up.

I don’t have a smart phone…any suggestions on an alternative method?

Thanks in advance guys.


Paypal is great, but a lot of people dont like it and will not use it. i have both a merchant account and a Paypal account. I try to always get them to use Paypal -it is much cheaper.

Some inspectors have raised their prices and give a 5% discount for cash or checks because of the cost to take credit cards.

Paypal…and especially good when you are in the US and have to take Canadian payment!

Thanks, that was the main reason for accepting cc…what if the client does not have a computer?

Square up

Dominic with Home Inspector Pro had a service that was about $5 per month and you punch in the credit card information over the land line or wireless and make the charge. Seems very reasonable and a low rate. I use Square and it works great with my Android smart phone for the occasional user. Paypal has a similar new feature like Square and traditional email invoicing. See the links below:

How will he read the report? :wink:

1st, how will he get the report?

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Paypal and also use Intuit Gopayment.


It’s time to get a smart phone. You’re in business to make money, they’re very cheap now, it’s the cost of doing business. When you get one, get Square. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

OK…got it…my thanks to all who took the time to help. We really are a great bunch of guyz.

PayPal, I did 3 transactions in the last 2 days. Money is enroute to the bank.

Paypal works great for me…:slight_smile:

Yeah get a smart phone and use square. Funds from square are immediately available in your account

Paypal will be coming out soon with a product similar to square. Called “PayPal Here”. Go to PayPal and get on the list to be one of the first to get it…


We use Intuit, on-line, on the phone and in the office. The transaction gets posted to Quickbooks with no extra effort.