Access question

Does anyone know if there is a requirement on the space required between a vanity and the wall. Did one today where there was only 27 inches.

Not that I ever heard of, And if the buyers seen it who cares.

Get the client to take a look at the shutoffs, if they bonk their heads, they know it’s too tight in there. :smiley:

John Kogel


They’d start to rub with a waist aproaching 85", I think. :shock:

21" appears to be minimum unless you are dealing with glazing issues (shower). Go to FBC 307. There is a diagram (307.2) that should answer your questions. I will see if I can get the image off the pdf.**[FONT=Helvetica-Bold][size=1]


Florida Building Code R307.2




Thanks, that is the first real answer to the question

It’s good to see a 32" clearance but it won’t happen in all homes. I see tight bathrooms quite a bit. I simply note “TIGHT BATHROOM that does not meet today’s 32” requirement" and move on.


How skinny are your buyers…with all the “you want to super size that?”…it
may be an issue. (lol)