Accessing support


This is the second time I have tried accessing your new “Support”. At the time I am logged in to homegauge services and click on support. I type in the issue and when I click on “submit”. It tells me that I need to enter my name, my email and the question. They are all visible in the windows. I am attaching a screen capture showing that the information is there.

Can you fix this please? I would like to get a few things resolved and since you no longer have the forum up, i can’t search for them.

We have a Homegauge user group on Facebook. Some helpful people there that might be able to help.

Thanks Robert,
I will look into it today with the nerds. It is being used successfully by many, but obviously something is not correct.


Robert, just curious what browser do you use? ie? chrome? etc. Also if you are using windows 10 do you use “edge” browser?

Of course when I repeat your steps it works fine.


It has happened to me as well. Very frustrating. Running Chrome.

What OS system are you using? Win 7, 8 10 etc.?

This question is for Robert Sole as well along with the browser type.

Thank you.

Have you tried searching the site for the things you are referring too?

Robert: There was an update the nerds ran yesterday for . I am not sure if it fixed your issue. Can you try it again? just use the word test in the question to see if it works. If it doesn’t if you don’t mind to respond as to what OS you are using and browser.



Whatever they did, it seemed to work. I was finally able to submit a question. I have tried several times and could never get it to go through even though I was logged in to your site.
For the record, I am using Win 7 and firefox.

Thanks Robert. I responded to your question from the HG support section by email.


Homegauge Rocks!!!

You guys rock! We appreciate your Raves!