Add a little chaulk !

NOT ! pic 1

saw this on roof needs repair of course, went in attic, lots of insulation so had to do the famous truss walk, you know the one were it feels like the trusses are squeezing the blood from you feet up to your head, looked up and ,see pic 2 , this was a fairly new roof job…and the sad thing is if they did not have an inspection done this could have gotten pretty bad.

SAVED THE DAY life is good!

What’s the problem? I bet it don’t leak.

how much ?

What’s wrong with caulking a storm collar? It’s a bit sloppy, so they don’t get style points, but it looks pretty typical to me.

How did you document this chalk defect?

did not caulk under flange, had a pretty wet one down here water ran all over bottom of decking ,down trusses, down to ceiling, down wall, down to floor…recommend roofing contractor, they are estimating cost of repair as we speak, client asked for reinspection when done and gladly will do. point is look even if it looks good above, yes maybe could have worded the beginning of post better, my bag!!!

good catch Jimbo…

Thanks, don’t forget saint paddys day!

isn’t flashing absence the real issue?

How could we forget its the day we plant potatoes;-):smiley:

Don,t forget the wooly ones!