Nice chimney cap


I knew there was something wrong with the cap as soon as I pulled up. I just didn’t expect this!

hhmm If I didn’t know better, I would guess that the homeowner took it off (it was a foreclosure).

Too funny!

inspect 032 (Small).jpg

inspect 025 (Small).jpg

Looks like a fairly recent event. Top edge of the 2x and OSB is in too good a shape to have been that way for very long. Signs of water damage in the house below?

They should caulk it before it begins to leak.

Almost seems like it was taken off right before I got there! We have had rain but no dampness detected or visible with infrared at the interior.

A neighbor needed a new one!

What were those green washers, self-adhering tabs and the whole thing blew off.?:stuck_out_tongue:

That roof has got a bad case of extractive bleeding.:):smiley: