Add a MoveInCertified Download Form to Your Web Site

Hey folks,

We’ve created this great download form that you can add to your web sites with just a few lines of HTML code. Here’s what it looks like:

To get the HTML code, go to:

For those of you who are having your own signs made (with your URL on them), this is a great tool that you can use to integrate into the MoveInCertified program. When people go to your site, they can simply type in the property address and immediately download your report (without you having to maintain a list of reports outside of

I’ve tested the code in every major web browser and it works great. Let me know if anyone comes across any bugs.



Can you make something like this for buyers who I send to my
web site and download the reports on Fetchreport?

That way I could assign them a password and they could go
to my site to get their report (increase my web traffic) and
enhance my appearance.

I would use the system in place now and send the report
to myself (shell email address). Then I would send the
buyer their password and all the traffic would keep going
through my site (buyers, realtors, repair company, banks, etc…)
This would add a lot of traffic to my site and enhance
my position on google because of the traffic (yes, google
looks at traffic) and thus provide more inspections for me.


Actually, the type of traffic that Google pays attention wouldn’t be affected by something like this. But it could potentially help with branding your company. I’ll set something up in the next couple of days.



The report still has to be uploaded to, correct? This is just to have people download from my website and not the generic site.

Very cool!


Yes… the report is still uploaded to
Even if I have to send the Fetchreport to myself and then send my client
to my web site with the password… it would be nice have the form on
my web page.

Thanks Chris.

When you send it to yourself the password is the same everytime… If they us this interface and your password would they be able to see only the address specified??

I’ve sent myself every inspection I’ve uploaded…

How does the interface know your email address? is that in the HTML?



That form appears kind of specific to MIC inspections… not really a ‘buyers inspection’ use-this-link-to-get-your-report type interface…

Maybe Chris could work that up… I’d put that on my website today (Since I’ve not done the first MIC inspection…:mrgreen: )

Right… I am not talking about a MIC inspection.

When sending a regular buyers report to myself via fetchreport… I would send
it to one of my misc. email addresses. And even if I get the same password
each time (not my master password)… I could still have each file name be
different, with my methods.

That way I would be sending my clients to my web site to get their report
and all of them would be using the same password, but a unique file name.
No problem.

I already send each report to myself anyway, so I can review the finished
product… so this would not be difficult for me.

But I am sure Chris can think of something better than my primitive ways.

The point of is so that you don’t have to worry about sending yourself the report and then giving out the password. If you just send your client the report they’ll have a password auto-generated for them and then only them and you will see the report (there’s no need to send it to yourself 'cause you can see all of 'em anyway).

To make the system integrate more with your web site, I’m working on the following:

  1. You add two lines of code to your web site at some URL (say
  2. You enter the same URL into
  3. Whenever you create a new report, that URL is sent to your clients, rather than
    The code would produce something like:

That way you can use the power/simplicity of FetchReport while keeping people on your site.

Just to be clear, for both of the above forms to work you will have to be using to upload reports. If you want to make the report accessible in MoveInCertified, simply log into, click the report you want to make public and click the “Make public for” option. Once you’ve made a report public, anyone can access it either from or, if you use the code posted at they can access it from your web site.

Looking good Chris… I love it.
Let us know when the html code is ready for us to paste and we can beta test it.

Will do… it’ll probably be next Tuesday or Wednesday, as there are a few places I have to add code to get the whole thing working.

Ready to test as well Chris…


Thanks for doing this, Chris! Great benefit for us!


Just one little thing that may help some of those who, like myself, are new to managing web sites. (There needs to be a “Webites for Dummies”).

I tried severral times to get the MIC widget to work on my site. I kept pasting in the “html” code and it would not display. I finally found out that I had to enter it as a javascript object. I finally got it to work.

Just thought there might be someone else out there with the same problem.

Bob Sole
REM Inspections LLC

That is exactly the type of form I have been looking for on my site. Thanks so much. Eagerly awaiting the “code”.