Free report upload system for NACHI members

Hey folks,

I’m pleased to announce the NACHI public beta of NACHI members can sign up for free and upload an unlimited number of reports by going to:

Please let us know how you like it and send me any bugs you come across. We’ll be showing it to people at the convention and letting members beta test if for a few weeks and then we’ll move it to the production server and launch it full-scale.


I was going to try it but then saw the below. Perhaps you’d explain further before I give such permission.

This allows a vendor to access your NACHI members-only username and password. This lets you log into other web sites with your NACHI username and password.
Specific Fields: Username, Password, and E-Mail Address==========================

FetchReport is the vendor in this case. You have to give it permission to access your NACHI contact information.

Worked great for me.
A couple of suggestions though:

  1. When it comes to entering email addresses it would be great if it could link in some way to my address book in my browser.

  2. In the comment section would it be possible to save a comment because I pretty much use the same one over and over.

  3. It also ended up in bulk mail of my two test emails is there away around that?

Hope this helps. I do like the coupons for the clients, not to much not to little, just right.

Thanks Guys.

As for #2 just create a Word file with your comment and just copy and paste it when you upload a report.:slight_smile:

The pdf file I uploaded would not open when I downloaded it.

Also, has a system that you fill in
the information, email and with one click… everything is
uploaded and all emails are sent from “one page, one click”.

Just a suggestion.

I had the same problem as John, my PDF file would not open, I use PDF files to secure documents when sent out to my clients and their representatives…

  1. I’ll look into this. Direct integration with your address book is probably not likely, but we might be able to work something out.

  2. I can definitely do this. Good suggestion.

  3. I’ll look into it. Thanks!

That’s odd that two of you have had this problem. I probably won’t get a chance to look into it for a few days (I’m flying to Toronto tomorrow), but this obviously needs to be fixed.

Something like this is in the works. Only better. :slight_smile:


Nice work Chris.


I got mine to work, I put security codes to the HI Report PDF documents before I send out to clients, I disable the security and the document loaded just fine from the site and from the test email I used, I 'm not sure what John’s problem is, but mine I fixed with the security feature I have on my documents… thanks

Same here.

That’s not a fix…that’s a work around. I certainly wouldn’t want to have to remove my report’s security features in order to use the system. This is an obvious major bug that would need to be resolved prior to officially launching the service. In my opinion, this is a problem that should have been seen in the preliminary beta.

Sorry Michael, wrong word (fixed) to use in this case, and I agree that it is a work around…but I was under the impression this was the prelim beta test…:ack:

No, this system has been beta tested for awhile now. This is a public beta. I don’t expect it to be perfect but this is a major bug as many inspectors use pdf to provide their reports and it just seems like this bug would have been detected awhile back. I’m sure Chris will get it corrected asap.

I gave this a try. Could someone tell me the advantage of uploading my report through this system versus just sending it through the e-mail?
I haven’t had much time to play with it but I think I’m missing something here.

Can a larger size report file be downloaded through this site versus the restrictions on the e-mail server?

Many ISP and personal email filters will reject mail with
large attachments (your report file)… because it looks
like spam.

It is easier for the Client to share the link (to your report)
with others, instead of re-sending the large file and
going through the whole email spam problem again.

Many people just don’t like a large file (your report) coming
into their email box. They like the idea of clicking on a
link and downloading it off the internet when they feel
like it.

For many on a dial up connection, a large file through
an email is a painfully slow experience and sometimes gets
hung up and will not work.

Hi David,

I have found that having the report on the web leads to less calls from clients when they need a copy of the report for their insurance or mortgage.

OK, great!

So, the link is taking them to the web server rather than their e-mail server (which is limited).

I always asked my clients with corporate e-mails if my PDF/JPEG files will have a problem with their fire wall, so I can see that this will help in that area. I am aware, but have not experienced problems with this.

I guess the fact that some cannot get a PDF file to open would be a concern! I didn’t have any problem opening my report, but I may not have security levels cranked up that high.

Thanks for the insight guys!

Thanks Chris,

I uploaded a PDF and retrieved it just fine.

However, When I checked the Views" it still reads “0” Views

Is this a bug or am I missing something?