Adding an Inspector

We are thinking of adding an inspector to our company on a part, part time thing. We always send 2 inspectors and there are times one of the inspectors cant do it. We are looking for someone who will live up to OUR standards not the industries. We are in Michigan, Detroit area.

What kind of pitfalls have others had bringing a new inspector on? I am going to check with our insurance and see how we take care of that issue, but what other things can anyone tell me that I have NOT thought of.

Everyone is going to bring up the issue of training a future competitor, but personally, I disagree. I never lost an employee to a competitor or had an employee become a competitor.

I’m going to say the main pitfall is hiring someone who doesn’t share your same work ethic. That’s the main thing I concern myself with when hiring.

I agree with Nick on this point, I personally know business owners (non HIs) who have held back their their growth with this fear of creating a competitor by training an employee.
It’s take me years to get to where I am now, I have a great online presence, a loyal group of realtors that refer me and former client referrals as well. If I truly live in fear of an employee leaving and overtaking me then I must be doing something wrong anyway!

We’ve hired 3 so far this year.
Keep them on a leash.

I agree with the work ethic…Just from the last thread about how long an inspection takes showed the differences. So will I find someone who has the same ethics and attention to detail as our company has? I did find out it will cost me $200 to add them to my insurance for the year.

Sounds like everyone wants to find employees with the work ethic of a successful, self employed, business owner/Inspector and no one thinks they will become competitors.

Good luck.

If they share your work ethic, by definition they will become your competitors. If they don’t, they never really shared your work ethic to begin with.

This is not a hard business to get into…