Adding Clips

I have been asked by a customer whose 1960’s house currently has just toe nails and no soffits if he can add clips to the exterior - see pic.

I did not advise him but said I would look into it and collect more information. If he adds acceptable clips himself and installs them correctly, is that acceptable? Or do they need to be installed by a contractor?

Can you tell what the beams are sitting on or does the siding and such block it? I cannot see in the pict to tell if he could do it properly. But if he can do it as per form I do not BELIEVE it would matter if they were on the outside or not.

In all reality the outside is better.

So your are just going to go by the letter of the form with no permits and no engineering report. That will work fine unit we have a hurricane and damage occurs.

Refer him to a certified contractor

Per form would be with the required clips or wraps.

Michael K,
Keep in mind form states -
What is the WEAKEST roof to wall connection?
Meaning if just one clip was missed that would be your weakest.
I am sure you already knew this just wanted to reinforce.

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My advice is have the owner hire a qualified contractor (with permitting) to do this. I do RTW retrofitting myself, and I can tell you that the siding trim and soffit bay blocking will have to be removed to install the clips properly.

Thanks for the answers. I will refer him to use a contractor and require a permit. I don’t want to put my name on a self install.

2 days ago, I was asked to update a client’s windmit from September.
There were straps, but only 2 nails.
He sent me some suspicious docs including a new windmit that was blank except for denoting there were single wraps.
A home inspection company did the “retro-fit”.
My response to his email request:

Hi xxxxxxxxxx.
I reviewed the docs.
I’m not sure why the WindMit you sent was so very incomplete, not filled out all the way.
I’m sorry, but I cannot “certify” others work that upgraded your straps from the original construction.
I am not sure if needed, but there was no permit found for the work.
I suggest you contact the company & have them complete the form all the way.
They need to take the responsibility for their own work.
For $895.00, you should have received a complete new WindMit as a courtesy.