Addition, was built right next-to TWEE, wonderful

short video of inside the basement, see some of the cracks that are visible BUTT, on the inside you don’t see the vertical corner crack (was behind the stump) and you can’t see any horizontal cracks DOWN LOW at the top of the first course of blocks off basement floor. One POINT is, just because one doesn’t see a crack on the INSIDE of these wall does not EVER mean there are one of more exterior cracks, just like with this home/basement

Inside basement
yes, there are some visible interior cracks in walls on this house but still doesn’t tell the entire story of all the exterior cracks in walls. Many homeowners get LIED TO by interior system snotheads when they are no visible cracks on the interior of these walls.

Tree stump and some of the underground roots outside

Obviously the tree has been cut down, the stump grinded out/down a little

Installing any interior basement system and sump pump doesn’t remove any underground roots off walls and doesn’t stop further water from entering exterior cracks, cracked parging in these walls.

Some of the exterior cracks, horizontal crack down LOW on both walls and see the vertical corner crack, these cracks not visible on the inside of walls the corner crack… we were expecting it to be a bit wider as quite a few others are, nevertheless it was allowing water into basement

This corner crack in block foundation wall is what we see more often

Does Noah’s waterproofing system aka flushing lol, remove any of these roots/stump OFF the wall? Nope.
Does he and all others like him repair/waterproof any of these exterior cracks in foundation walls? Nope.

Let’s see, does recommending GRADING on any of these leaky basement that have exterior cracks in walls, repair/waterproof the cracks? Nope.
How about adding 69’ long downspout extensions on these leaky basement, does that waterproof these cracks? Nope.

But you keep tWying to come up with supposed cheap fixes, we’re laughing.

Just about every homeowner we have done waterproofing for spanning 35+ years has at some point TRIED one of more of these water-diversions… what the hll does that tell ya. Some tried mudjacking their slabs, some paid for a new driveway $$$, some raised and sloped the grade or added loooong extensions to downspouts, some paid $$$ for a stupid interior basement system and sump pump, some dug down and poured concrete along the basement wall and then raised the grade, some dug down and placed tarps or plastic or roofing shingles along the wall and then raised the grade, some painted the inside walls with Drylok etc, some tarred or caulked along the edge of the driveway where it meets the house, some put in shallow frenchie-Fuqua drains and so on… hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo

just another failed interior basement water-diverting system, sheesh.

there WERE and… still are multiple cracks in poured wall so WHY would any competent-honest waterproofing company install a stupid interior system?
Un-----------BA---------lievable, as usual for this dipstick business.

Wait, lool, the homeowner was told that a supposed hydrostatic pressure under the floor caused the cracks??? hahahahahahaaaa

Short vid… :40 SEE the basement wall? Step crack, mold, efflorescence etc YET they are installing an interior system hahahahaaa, SCAM!!!
:55 “Even the owner was hard at work?” Huh??? Try hand digging like this old man, that’ll show you what hard work is TINKERBELL!!

liars, scams!