another piece of junk interior basement system installed w/block pilasters etc

Cracks widening, still leaks… hmmm. Homeowner/seller OUT a lot of money…

Duh umm, multiple EXTERIOR cracks, step/vertical/horizontal that DUHHHH, are still open allowing water in which can also deteriorate the blocks…and these morons install another interior system, 2 sump pumps (air tight lids? Nope lol), block pilasters etc.

:55 …loooool, potential BUYER says, “your not going to put this on…”… of course i will, yes. Why? Because a) nobody knows where the house is b) videos like this may help other homeowners/buyers from hiring the same kinds of IDIOTS/making the same mistake!!! c) i just spent 2 hours of my time for FREE helping inform/educate you d) everything i said in the dumb video is true, are the facts!!! sheeesssshhh, now go sit down will you please.

What does Fairfax county gov say to do when you have a foundation wall and cracks like this…
scroll down to, Basement Wall Damage… read ‘cause’, read RESOLUTION.

Do they tell people it’s ok to install an interior system and sumps etc OR, do they tell you to DIG, waterproof the exterior, haul the clay away (and any underground roots etc that also cause these problems) and backfill with most–all gravel

Somebody is frigging wrong, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay wrong on this subject and cheating many homeowners out of $$$$$.

Interior system and pilasters etc do NOT… remove, reduce, lessen ANY soil pressure acting upon the wall!!!

These systems do NOT remove any possible underground tree roots etc that also cause cracks in walls, wall to bow in, leak.

These system do NOT seal/waterproof any of the EXISTING EXTERIOR cracks, they don’t stop further water etc from entering these cracks, goooood

These moronic systems don’t stop deteriorating blocks, dang people, wake up.

Per the facebook video in first post, bowed wall, exterior cracks etc

HERE are some of the differences in ment–fkg-tality, competence on this subject VERSUS the incompetent, negligent crooks…

WRONG way to address bowed, cracked walls…quite similar to the junk installation in facebook video

eyeball what they did, and did NOT do, on the outside… :35, :50 , 1:05 -->>
They don’t show, nor say, ANYTHING about removing/digging out all the soil along the ENTIRE wall. Instead all they did was dig lil dink holes to install the anchors…and, equally important they did NOT waterproof the exterior of foundation wall and obviously did not backfill w/all gravel… MISTAKES, BUTT, they got their money… got dat?

They bs’d the homeowner enough to GET THE JOB, and then when the basement continues to leak and crack(s) widen (just like in the facebook video), they give you a bunch of bs like, ‘Oh we did what the contract called for’ etc.

These morons either do not know/understand this subject and–or, do NOT care and only want to sell, install, the crap they do.

WRONG way… same kind of nonsense, misrepresentations etc here… only here this dork wants to install carbon fiber straps inside on a bowed, cracked, leaky wall and LIES and say that the carbon straps will “BOND the wall together and STOPS ALL further movement”. Absolute incompetent bullllshttt, liar, got that?

You MUST have several screws loose to make those statements or, are just another lying, scamming owner/salesperson telling the homeowner bulllshttt just to get the g damn job, fkrs.

Here’s the DIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFERENCE…between the azz wipe in facebook video and the last 2 videos (wall anchors and carbon fiber straps)

:35 he shows you one of the cracks, corner crack…
:55 shows you someone previously installed I beams inside and did NOT dig, did not haul all clay/soil away, did not waterproof the exterior wall(s)
3:15 the ENTIRE wall is dug out… they show you the anchors and tell you they are going to seal the cracks, waterproof the entire wall…
they may have (they better have) hauled all the soil away and BACKFILLED with most–all gravel.

On bowed in block and brick foundation walls, they will be EXTERIOR cracks and cracked parging and so, just installing wall anchors and likely an interior system(1st video) or as in 2nd video, carbon fifer straps and likely an interior system… they don’t waterproof the exterior cracks! Plus, they have NOT removed, relieved, lessened ANY soil pressure or underground tree roots etc that CAUSE most of these walls to bow in, crack, leak

Not all bowed, cracked walls need any wall anchors or beams or straps etc, nonsense.

Ever hear of these guys? U S Army Corps of Engineers… Causative factors of foundation movement
3.2.1 Symptoms Page 2
"Cracking can also occur when the stresses induced by lateral pressure exceed the strength of the concrete or CMU wall… three types of cracks, step cracks, horizontal cracks and vertical cracks… “Excessive lateral pressure can affect the overall integrity of the house… like other major fractues, WATER and PESTS can EASILY enter the basement…”

RIGHTTTTTTTTT! That’s friggin why, chumps–heads, you need to waterproof the exterior of these walls. You CANNOT waterproof the existing exterior cracks, cracked parging etc by installing ANY TYPE of interior basement stupid system!!

Allowing further water to enter, pass through blocks, bricks, mortar joints (when these idiots install an interior system) will only deteriorate, weaken the g dang basement wall further!!@!##@%#&^&__&^#@!!@!@!@!!~!~!#@#^%&^&)_))*&)&^^%&%$##%

U S Army Corps link, page 35… photos # 5, 6, 13 in particular…
“lateral pressure affecting basement wall… wall has deflected inward 3”
"lateral pressure causing vertical crack…
“inward deflection of basement wall 9” (and PILASTERS!!! duh)

Dig the sobs out. Waterproof and backfill correctly. Some walls may need a little more help IF (see Fairfax county link) the stupid wall is in real bad shape, they might need I beams installed in-conjuction with exterior waterproofing and proper backfilling. Some walls do NOT need beams, anchors etc.

One more dammmittt, loool, friggin incompetent, NEGLIGENT installation of an interior basement system

and the guy doing duh video is, loooool, another interior system contractor… wonderful
:30 … see the floor/wall, an interior basement system and sump pump previously installed costing $$$$.
NOT digging the soil out and hauling it away and NOT waterproofing the exterior of wall and instead, installing the piece of garbage inside system caused further problems, sheeesh!!
Leaving the soil and possibly underground tree roots etc against the exterior of the wall, mistake, incompetence. Doing this would have helped reduce, lessen the soil pressure etc against the dang wall!
Not waterproofing the exterior cracks in wall allowed further water to enter, to pass through/into the blocks and mortar joints, WEAKENING the wall!!@!@!@!!@!#%(^&*+))+++++(( looool I---------DIOTZZ
Same house, same inside guy doing another video…

And yet again, for the nth time… and just like in this facebook video… homeowners have spent, are OUT many–thousands of dollars and have the same, worsening problems…and still need the ONE thing done that would have helped the wall the most… azzzzz hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooos. And fairly often since the homeowner has already spent many thousands (given away to the inside chumps), they now have little or NO money left to have the needed exterior waterproofing done, thanks a fkkkkg lot.