GP Woods MI, basement waterproofing

Exterior cracks allow water into the block wall and onto the floor, at-along the very bottom of the wall, where it meets the dumb basement floor… got DAT?
Inside basement system buttheads tell homeowners lots of CRAP when then see water along the bottom of wall/floor such as, 'Oh, you have a hydrostatic pressure problem under the floor and need our dorky basement system and sump pump to fix this supposed problem, NONSENSE! Misrepresentation, frrrraud.

Corner crack on back wall, steps down and turns into a long horizontal crack that is NOT visible on the inside of the block wall… neither is the hairline vertical crack in parging. This IS where the water first gets into the dumb azz hollow blocks and most homeowners will only see the water come out at the bottom of wall/floor, yep yep. They’ll often have some mold and-or efflorescence or paint peeling on some on the blocks on the inside. No interior basement terd-ball system repairs/waterproofs any of these exterior cracks.

NOTHING wrong (as usual) with the exterior drain tiles. These exterior drain tiles are NOT why a basement leaks/seeps. Anyone who thinks this is an incompetent AIR-HEAD on this subject.

Hope to have couple more vid’s tomorrow of the other/side wall and a look at these walls on the inside of duh basement so that one can see most of the exterior cracks are NOT visible when you eyeball the inside of block walls and this is one way these incompetent scumbags lie to peeps.

Following up on the first post/video in G P Woods, that video shows the corner crack and horizontal crack and that was where the water got into the hollow-block wall and then it came out onto the basement floor at–along the very bottom of the wall/floor.
THIS video is the inside… you’ll see a bit of a different crack near/off the corner versus the one that was open on the outside of the basement wall. And there was no cracked/dropped footing, no settling (almost never is on these step cracks).
Many want to scare homeowners into piers or underpinning etc, yep.

Also notice at 1:05 at the top of the first block up off floor, you will not see a long horizontal crack BUTT there most certainly is a long horizontal crack on the outside of the dumb basement wall (see 1st video in 1st post)

No interior dumb shtt basement system and 101 sump pumps repair/waterproof any of these exterior cracks and so they do NOT stop further water from entering the dumb azz wall and lool so DUHHHHHH, they don’t stop/prevent mold or efflorescence or paint peeling etc on the inside blocks.

Here’s a video of…the OTHER back corner, 2 cracks…

Raise and slope the grade huh? RE----------------------------------grade huh? looool
Add a 2,000’ downspout extension huh?
Mudjack slabs huh?
Umm, put a splashblock at duh corner huh?
Paint the inside block wall(s) with Drylok huh?
Install an interior basement system huh?

ALL dumb shtt incompetent crrrrrrrrap, period.