an interior basement system was installed

the contractor told the seller all he needed was this area inside the basement, done, drain tile, drilled holes in bottom blocks and then new concrete. This cost MORE than what was really needed (2nd video), exterior waterproofing.
Do you SEE a crack (s) in the block wall on the inside??? No!

Outside, where the actual problems AND solution was but the interior system morons don’t care, they just lie 'n misrepresent just about all people’s actual problems… umm because, self-interest–gain $$$.
Were there cracks on the OUTSIDE of the wall??? Yes, hellllllllllllllllllo

Open your eyeballs, and brain… see the exterior cracks etc? Well hello, that is where the water FIRST entered into the cores of the block foundation wall and then that water drops down INSIDE 'n through the lower blocks until it almost always comes out onto the basement floor where the floor meets the bottom of the wall. Yet the interior knuckleheads will try hard and tell you that water is there because of a supposed hydrostatic pressure problem under your floor.

Just because you, the homeowner OR a home inspector or city inspector or structural engineer etc does NOT see a crack on the inside of a block or brick foundation wall NEVER means there aren’t 1++ exterior cracks or cracked parging etc on the exterior of the dumb wall, got dat?

See any crack on the inside of block foundation wall at–near corner?

Same house, now outside, see any exterior cracks at–near the corner NOW?
It’s because-of these exterior cracks that the basement leaked at–near the corner. The homeowner got talked into mudjacking his driveway slabs before finding my dumb azz… speny $$ on that crap.

Leaky, moldy basement, brick foundation walls… see the LINE that comes through the brick wall??? See any cracks or deterioration on the INSIDE of wall?

Now outside same house, see any cracks or cracked parging and do you see any deterioration around that SAME LINE or the gas line? That is why the basement leaked, it’s through all the exterior cracks etc that the water first entered
This elderly homeowner was previously told to… pour NEW driveway slabs and so she did, out $$$$$$$$$. She was also told to get NEW GUTTERS and new LONGER extensions, so she did…and kept leaking.


So when Uncle Bubba hears CRAP from ‘some’ home inspectors or building inspectors or landscapers or structural engineers such as, “Oh, all you need to do to keep water out of your basement is raise and slope the grade” OR, “Replace 1+ driveway slabs to give the slabs a better pitch” OR, “Just slap some Drylok paint of the inside” OR, “All you need to do is mudjack some concrete slabs”… etc, it’s all nonsense, it is INCOMPETENCE on this subject. YOU are not helping the seller, buyer, homeowner… no you are not! BS information as mentioned above only confuses homeowners more and doesn’t fix a dang thing.