Trailer home

Recieved a call today to inspect a mobile home with a addition. I turned it down, Good thing??? or should I have taken it? Need some feed back ?

I don’t know about your location in Wisconsin, but when they start adding on to a mobile home around here, it generally ends up in ashes.

If you’re trying to watch your liability, that was probably a good sidestep!

From what I’ve been reading on some of the inspection sites it kinda sounds that I should shy away. I lived in one many years ago and I know how things can go in the crapper fast!

Why did you turn it down?

Mainly for liability reasons. and some of the information that I have read on the internachi site in the past. Does nachi have a mobile home training vidio?. I don’t think so :humph:

I have built numerous permitted additions, stick and prefab for over 30 years on all type of mobile structures, this practice is perfectly legal. Just because an addition was build on a mobile homes doesn’t make it illegal.

There should be no liability concerns if report correctly.

I guess my main concern was the mobile home itself. Thanks

I’ll do agree a mobile home uses different types of building practices than a conventional home. Learning the different types of building practices used with mobile homes would be very helpful when inspecting one. I believe InterNACHI has or is working on a course.

Start by obtaining and reading 24 CFR 3280,the applicable versions of the IBC/IRC as indexed and appended for manufactured homes — and then go from there.

You will find no video course from anyone that will qualify you to inspect a manufactured (or any other type of) home for anyone else.

I agree that HUD 24 CFR parts 3280 and 3285 model manufactured home installation standards is some great reading, and as James points out “the applicable versions” so to better qualify oneself is to review all the previous revisions throughout the years. Mobile home building practices have changed dramatically throughout the years, not to mention from state to state requirements. Unlike the most current building codes which I believe has greatly approved, I’ve seen interior walls construction from 2x2, 2x3 & 2x4 all in the same home. Floor joist spacing anywhere from 16” centers, 24” centers or anywhere in-between. Let’s not forget about roofing rafters constructed using 1x2’s, just to name a few. With the large number of mobile/modular homes constructed a course would be greatly beneficial to those with little to no experience.

Here in North Florida half of by business in Manufactured Homes. They are different from site built homes in a few ways, but if you report it accordingly, they are the same. As far as an add-on room, I would treat it the same as a add-on room in a site built home.

I have heard rumors of InterNACHI having a couse on Manufactured Homes, but nothing ready yet.

thanks everyone. In the beginning I would of jump on the job, the more I read the more reluctant I got. Next time I’ll take the job

our hunting camp cabin is a 1950’s Spartan Trailer with a framed addition.
nothing conventional about it…
and surely nothing meets code…
its been there over 30 years…
It is what it is… Inspect and report accordingly…

Just remember Steve, none of these brave souls has to bear any of your liability.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, don’t.

Trailers to modular’s, Just another inspection. More than likely, more to report. The roof seem to get more attention, ventilated or not, condensation or not, ect. At least in Florida! I have inspected roughly 400 in Florida, and no problems other than something new every inspection!

Get your feet wet, just conduct a complete report. Happy inspecting…