Adobe PDF not working properly

Appears my computer went through an update last night, now the PDF print function doesn’t work in hip or when trying to open client reports to view. I’m pretty sure this is an Adobe issue but has anyone else had a similar issue and a solution. I run windows 10.

I have had an issue on and off. If there are any other PDF’s open, for some reason another PDF won’t open. It isn’t just relegated to HIP either. Trying to open multiple PDF’s while online or working with files it does the same thing. I haven’t had any issues since I uninstalled Adobe Reader and just use Adobe Acrobat.

Stephen, I will try getting rid of Adobe Reader and see if that fixes it.

It appears this is a known problem with Adobe and Windows 10. HIP has a work around by changing some Adobe settings. My problem was solved when I made the changes. HIP support can send the steps if anyone else has the problem.