PDF opens but will not print

Client says the PDF file will open but will not allow printing.

The pdf attribute shows “printing allowed”.
I can print it just fine.

I generated the file from a word doc with PrimoPDF.

Anyone know a fix he can use?
He has adobe 8.0

I just sent another pdf built using a different program.

What message do they receive when they try to print? It may be that the idiot has his printer turned off.

This guy is no idiot, I forgot the exact message but it basically said the document was setup to not allow printing.

Send it to me and I’ll let you know if I can open it.

He said it opens fine, just the print function not allowed.

I know its not the file, already checked it on another PC.

Just thought someone might know of a work around for him.
He is on a government system, might have something to do with it.
Maybe they need a bailout…

Tell him to click “file/save as” or perhaps it reads “file/save a copy as”. Save the document to a new location then open, retry printing.


Primo PDF printing problems numerous forums

Here’s what I use:


Many PDF functions are disabled on government computers. I have to put up with this a lot here in this Navy and Marine town here. Whenever I know that my Client is in the military, or provides me with a military email address, I tell them point blank that they might not be able to open the PDF and, if they can, they probably won’t be able to do anything other than read it as all other functions – printing, copying, etc. – are typically disabled on government computers and networks. I suppose it’s a security measure.

I’ve experienced the same. Have hime check it from a different (read non-gov.) computer. :smiley:

Did the client have a Realtor?
If a copy was sent to them, can they print it and take it to the client?

I have some that do it all the time…:roll:

No realtor involved :smiley:

The one made with Ezeepdf printed ok on the gov system.