Fetch report and HIP problems

I’m new at this and I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t get my report to upload correctly from HIP to fetch report. Here is how I have been doing it.

I finish my report on HIP. Save it. Generate report. When it comes up i go to file, print, select fetch report PDF creator from the printer list and go through the process that fetch requires, email addresses those items. I hit upload. After it says it is done. I go to fetch report to download and there are only 2 pages out of 30. The pages are blank except this:

ERROR: undefined

Keep in mind I only have a trial version of HIP, with no license, and I’m only doing this for my own testing so there isn’t a client waiting. Anyone have a suggestion?

Hi David,

Once Home Inspector Pro creates the PDF and it opens in Acrobat then HIP is done. If you can’t ‘print’ to FetchReport then there’s a problem with the FetchReport print driver. I’d suggest uninstalling an reinstalling it. You can also try sending another PDF. It’s possible the FetchReport print driver doesn’t know how to handle bookmarks or something but I know other guys are using fetch report.

The trial version of Home Inspector Pro is identical to the full version except it says Acme Inspections.

Let us know how it goes!

I just installed the PDF creator and ghost scripts on my desk top and it does the same thing. If I’m in fetch report already I can upload the PDF just fine, but I don’t have to use the print driver. I’ll uninstall and reinstall tomorrow and see what that does.

Hmm, try a non HIP PDF. It could be because the PDF is secured (test by generating with security turned off on the PDF) or the side bookmarks causing it to choke. When you’re in Fetch Report you’re doing a straight file upload which would definitely not be an issue.