Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course

Just finished the advanced course. Lots of information and I learned a lot. Nice job Ben. BTW, is it possible to see which questions that we got wrong? It would help to know what areas need more work.

I understand what you’re asking. InterNACHI is restricted from providing that type of information. In compliance with federal and state standards, our international distance education policy does not allow us to disclose to students which questions were incorrectly answered. We can not provide the correct answers for those missed questions either. The exam draws upon a larger pool of questions, so that each time you take the exam, you will not have the same exact questions provided. You may take any InterNACHI online exam as many times as you like without penalty or delay.

I am starting the advanced radon measurement course today and looking forward to offering this service to my clients. I am sure as I dig into the information provided in this course I will have questions. As for now, if anyone has any advice or recommendations regarding radon inspections and services, please comment on this post. Thank you.

About to start the Advanced Radon Measurement course. Preparing for the State of Nebraska Radon liscensing exam. Wondering if I should have taken the Radon Measurement Service Provider course first. Oh well, here goes. Wish me luck.

Looking forward to the extended course.

I have just finished the course and passed the test. Now Illinois wants an accredited course completion and their test . Any recommendations?

Will Illinois acknowledge this program in the future or do we have to get other certificate to test for the Illinois license?

For home inspector Continuing Education, you have to take the course exam in front of a proctor. Visit for details and step-by-step instructions on how to do that proctored exam.

This Advanced Radon course is not yet approved by IL IDFPR for home inspector CE. The list of IL-approved CE courses for licensed home inspectors is available by visiting the main page at and scrolling down to the Continuing Education section on that page.

In relation to the state certification for radon, InterNACHI submitted to IL for their review our advanced radon course on 07/09/2014. We’re still waiting for their review.

looking forward to it

Starting the course, looking forward to the extra knwledge and skill set.

Here we go!

I was unable to take the final exam after the course. I got a message NO EXAM ID PROVIDED. I’m not sure if I can take the exam through NACHI. I got on the NRPP site and saw to become certified you have to exam through them, but I still thought there would be exam for the NACHI course.
ANY input.

I am having the same issue as Nate. I get the error message when I try to click on take final exam link. Hopefully someone will let us know what the issue is and correct it.

As for James F. Wojtysiak’s earlier post regarding Illinois…

Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Deparment of Nuclear Safety, Radon Division is who handles radon licensing in Illinois. It has nothing to to with the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, which governs our Home Inspection Licensing. I’ve been licensed in Illinois for radon since 2004, and they have never accepted any other testing / certification other than the testing which the IEMA provides. We are a messed up state, in many regards. Anyway, for information on obtaining your Radon Measurement license in Illinois go to

Hope this helps you James!

Works now. Give it another try.

The link to the exam works now. Give it another try.

Thank you for the wonderful courses.

Going to get into this course now!

Greetings! Advanced Radon measurement. Here we go!

Let’s do this. Looks like a good course.